Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

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The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is pretty much just a slightly different version of the Nook Simple Touch that was brought out last year. It has all the same internal and external specs. However, they've added a really fantastic feature, the backlit E-ink display, a absolute first for e-book readers. They've also managed to make this Nook a little on the lighter side, 7% lighter in weight to be exact.

The Glowlight effect isn't just a gimick though, like the pull out reading lights you'll find on those overly expensive Amazon Kindle covers. The backlit E-ink display actually works really well. Though nobody knows exactly how the gorgeous lighting effect works, it looks as if it's a set of eight LED lights at the top of the device, squeezed between the bezel and display. By some kind of magic the light then spreads uniformly over the whole screen. It looks gorgeous. It makes reading in the evenings that much more enjoyable, and finally, reading an E-book reader at night time in the dark (or on the plane) is possible AND comfortable on your eyes.

The lighting effect isn't the same kind of light you get off a tablet and has various settings so you can control the level that suits you. The Nook has always been applauded for it's long battery life, claiming around 30 days of usage out of one charge. Though a similar claim has yet to be made about the Glowlight version, you're likely to get about 50 hours of usage from it, with the light on.

This Nook is just as kind on your hands as the original, it's super lightweight and even after holding it for a few hours in one hand, you won't even feel the difference against reading a paperback novel. You also finally get a AC adapter in the box, and a screen protector is now built in. So there are some subtle differences to the older version.

All in all this Nook is a better buy than the original, get yours today while we still have them in stock.

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Last updated: Sunday, April 5, 2020

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