Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen

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Looking for the perfect gadget for college or work? Do you write so much that you have trouble keeping track of what was said as you wrote it? With the Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe, you can leave those days behind you. This smartpen records audio as you write and links the two things together. All you have to do is tap your notes to hear exactly what was said as you wrote it. The same thing occurs for drawings. Those notes can then be transferred to your computer. This allows you to back up and share your notes easily if required. When the notes have been transferred to your computer, you can even search for certain words.

TheLivescribe software is compatible with both PCs and Macs. The software allows you to share notes with friends and family as interactive flash movies online. The pen works using a high-speed infrared camera and a built-in speaker. There is also an audio check and very user-friendly controls for pausing, fast forwarding, slowing down or speeding up recordings.

I bought this smarten for a medical student niece of mine and she finds that she never misses a word from her patients or professors.If you find that you'd like to listen back to notes after they are written, then you will not regret buying this fantastic device.

Get it here at a great price before they're gone and never miss another word.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen Reviews (1)

  1. September 21, 2011 by nw


    This smartpen is really amazing, it can even serve as an MP3 Player, just search for “Music Player” in Livescribe’s app store.

    Also try-out “Text-Browser”, “Password Safe”, “Tarot Divination”, “Swissknife”… many good apps in Livescribe’s app store

    Pros: Best notetaking device ever, a real must-have for students or professionals.

    Sound quality is amazing, ease of use is perfect, memory up to 400 hours before having to tranfer to the PC!
    Cons: Perfect product!

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