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Furby is available in blue, yellow, purple/pink, red, white and yellow.
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Furby was the must have Christmas toy back in 1998, and almost 15 years later the new 2012 edition can claim the exact same status. Everyone remembers Furby, it was the adorable, unpredictable and annoying little interactive animatronic cuddly toy that did not have an on/off switch. Kids absolutely adored it for its random “furbish” language, its reactions to sound and touch, its cute expressions and especially its ability to express a personality, while parents hated it for all the same reasons.

This new edition of the Furby is loved for all the same reasons, but it’s had a big upgrade. Technology has sure moved on in the last 15 years, and so has Furby. While original Furby could only sway back and forth, which they would often do to music, new Furby has a very expressive torso joint that allows it to wiggle about, scrunch up and wobble, making their dance moves a lot more realistic and animated, which kids will love. Furby even sings along in furbish now.

Furby’s plastic fluttering eyes have been replaced with LCD screen eyes, that make it have an almost endless supply of emotions and responses. Furby even has its own iOS App for iPhone and iPad that lets you interact and translate their furbish language to English, although Furby itself gradually does learn English the more you talk to it. The best part of the app though is the endless items of food you can feed the Furby with, they react to different food items differently, but feed them too much and you could change their personality.

The most fun thing about Furby is how your interactions with them shape their personality, how you choose to play and treat your Furby will change it. For example, if you pet your Furby a lot they will become sweet and cuddly, pay no attention to Furby and it will become mean and grumpy. Their personality is then expressed back to you through sound, motion and the shape of their LED eye. Pet your Furby's head, tickle its cute tummy, or pull its little tail - you'll be surprised by what happens, every time.

This is a great toy for any age, for kids it’s a fantastic first pet. For adults it makes a brilliant desk toy, especially if you grew up with an original Furby as there is a wonderful nostalga attached to it.

The 2012 edition of Furby is without a doubt going to sell out before Christmas comes, make sure to buy yours today or you will definitely miss out.

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Last updated: Friday, April 10, 2020

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