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There are literally thousands of discount Xbox 360 consoles floating around online at the moment. The reason is because the newer version, the XBOX 360 Kinect Bundle has taken over in sales. If you would rather pick up the original Xbox 360, without all the novelty accessories, you should pick one up online. For some reason the Xbox 360 still retails for far more than it's worth in video game stores all across the USA.

However, you can get your hands on a cheap XBOX 360 for almost half the price you would pay in Dixons, HMV or Best Buy.

The Xbox 360 comes in a multitude of different packages but all play the same games. Most people don't or will ever need massive hard drives or HDMI support. Get your XBox 360 only with the features you need.

Please note that this is the original Xbox 360 console. If you're looking for an Xbox with a few more bells and whistles, we all have the latest Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a HDMI output and a 120GB hard drive.

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Microsoft XBOX 360 Reviews (13)

  1. November 30, 2009 by Thommy

    The Xbox 360 is reaaly a great console, but unfortunately in my opinion it has more cons than it’s Sony competitor, the PS3. I have had the XBox since when it was launched back in 2005 and since then it died on me completely 3 times and I cannot say that I was using it a lot. The 3 year warranty handled the situation very well, it was fixed quickly. Hopefully it won’t happen again since I’m out of the warranty period now so I would have to pay for the repair, if a HDD fails for eg, it costs 3 times the price of a regular one.

    Regarding the games I can say that there are only a few XBox specific ones, most of the games are out for PS3 and PC, there are a lot more PS3 exclusives out there.

    I would like it to have wi-fi also, and XBox LIVE could be a lot more cheaper, it makes owning this console quite expensive. It is a great service though but PSN is very close and it is FREE.

    Overall it is a great console, but I would choose the PS3 anytime over it, it simply has better features and more pros.

    Xbox LIVE is great, awesome games

    Reliability, no wifi, LIVE is expensive

  2. November 30, 2009 by Phil

    I was looking for a console for the kids and I had to make a tough decision between Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. I didn’t choose Wii because of the inferior graphics, but both PS3 and Xbox seemed like very good consoles. At the end the price decided – Xbox 360 is significally cheaper, it has less features, but these are features we would never use anyway. I bought the 60GB version. In the box there was the wireless controlled with batteries, two headsets, manuals, the HDD, the cables and the main console unit. With the included cables it can be connected to both HD and standard televisions, using a switch the correct TV type can be selected.
    It took me only about 5 mins to set everthing up. I was impressed with the awesome graphics. The wireless controller is great, very well built and works perfectly even from greater distances inside the room.
    There are many many great games for this console and most of them are quite cheap, so everyone can easily find something to play.

    Things I don’t like about it are mostly hardware related – starting with the fan noise – it is very loud, combined with the spinning disk noise it’s really annoying. It happened a few times also that it overheated when playing a few hours non-stop when it was a bit warm inside, a short pause solved the problem every time.

    I like this console very much and I think that I have made a right decision buying the Xbox 360

    assortment of games, controller, support, graphics, multimedia features

    hardware issues (overheating, fan noise…)

  3. December 5, 2009 by Rosa

    I have been an owner of the x-box now since it first came out and I am very disappointed in the product. No only did it have to be replaced 2 times now I have a unit that is not working and being told that am out of my warranty so it would cost more to fix so why do it. I would not tell anyone to buy this product that has so many issues and not willing to replace the item when it is a default in the system.

    The graphics are great when it works

    Not working long enough to enjoy

  4. December 5, 2009 by gravity 13253

    when i first got the xbox it was great . but after a few months, it started to make some annoying noises so i just sold. i regreted getting the xbox, so i prefer the ps3

    good games

    no wifi, xbox live expensive, loud fan noise, graphics not better then ps3. xbox LIVE isn”t as good as PSN

  5. December 10, 2009 by Luke

    Xbox 360 is a GREAT console. It has amazing graphics, great games, and is just all-around very good. I have never had any problems with fan noises, and even so if you have your volume on your TV up at all to an average level you can’t hear the fans anyways. As for its life span, most people do get 2-3 years out of it before it breaks, and then just because of normal wear and tear. Also, just the simplicity of the setup is great. It walks you through initial setup and makes it easy so you can change your settings whenever you want. Last of all, the user interface is EXCELLENT! It makes it so easy to travel around your system, with the Xbox Dashboard navigating everything. I’ve heard from friends that the PS3 Live system is inconsistent, and the friend’s list is very difficult to work with. PS3 live may be free, but since it is wi-fi almost everybody is playing from the same source, which crowds up the servers.
    All in all: Xbox > Ps3

    Fast Live

    Red Rings (Error Messages)

  6. May 17, 2010 by Tom

    Well Ive Already went through five xboxs in the last year it kept getting rrod i am so frustated. Ps3 is so much better. It May Have Many Cons But Ps3 slim And THe 360 Elite stack up against each other quite nicly!!

    I had many friends that had this console
    Great Xbox Exclusive games
    Games :ess Expensive Then Ps3

    Very Expensive
    The Console Breaks just as your warrenty runs out
    Over heating
    Fan Sounds
    Annoying Fans sounds
    10% / 30% Failure

  7. August 20, 2010 by bob

    Ever since i my xbox 360, its been working great. Only 1 problem. When i put in a game that has scratches it plays it, but when i put in a new game, it didnt work. Because of what its doing, your probably thinking it got the rrod, but its never gotten the rrod. So i decided to get a new xbox 360.

    Pros: The games
    Xbox live
    Cons: unreliable

  8. November 2, 2010 by Jaime Cline


    well i got my 360 for christmas it worked f\great excpt the fan sucks. i got rrod and so i got a new system. then my live was about to run out i heard the price is going up to 70 bucks a year screw that it doesnt even have an inbternet broswer plus no wifi and it doesnt have blu ray i traded my 360 and got a ps3 way better system. it also has more exclusve games love the graphics plus its super quiet

    Pros: system price
    Cons: live price
    lack of wifi
    no blu ray

  9. September 19, 2011 by tyler


    i love my xbox. i got a xbox 360 arcade/60 gb for christmas. the things i love: great graphics, awesome games, xbox live, wireless controllers. things i dont like so much: fan noise, overheating, rrod, no built in wifi. i ahd gotten my xbox pre-owend, so i had i for about a year and started to worry about getting rrod. so i started to save up some money and traded in my xbox and accesories and got the brand new 250gb xbox 360 slim. the xbox slim in a newer, upgraded version of of older xbox 360. it has a smaller, sleeker design, glossy black finish, touch sensitive buttons, built in wifi,a huge 250gb hard drive, and last but sertanly not least, no rrod!

    Pros: graphics games xbox live wireless controllers
    Cons: overheating, rrod, no built in wifi fan noise ( the new xbox slim has none of these proplems!)

  10. January 8, 2012 by steven


    great games and secure servers…as all things you get what you pay for. over heating only if unit not aired well or kept in cabinet or the gaming bag…never had a problem—ours is well worn, son is a trickshotter.

    Pros: great games, secure servers, durability, ease of controls
    Cons: duh.

  11. August 4, 2012 by wyman martin


    ive gone through 3 in 5 years.they seem to stop playing the games right after warrenty is gone.i even replaced the disc drive in the last one and it gave me 6 more months of playing.microsoft could really up the warrenty to 3 or 4 years.and for god sakes fix the problem of them breaking down.never had rrod ,it just stopped playing games all together

    Pros: great graphics,easy setup,secure servers
    Cons: microsofts service sux.they should fix their problems

  12. August 23, 2012 by Kyle


    why would u complaibn about all the problems 1. you need to clean your xbox so it doesnt overheat if u dont play it much 2. every machine makes noise and the xbox is bigger and better so u will hear it its not very loud so shut up about the noise 3. everything has problems just like everyone so shut up about it not being perfect because i bet u arnt

    Pros: graphics, games, gameplay, and apps
    Cons: people who modify their xbox or game are losers who are to competiteve on a game with no rewards.

  13. November 25, 2012 by kevinC


    It is so bad. YOU should buy a ps3.

    Pros: nothng

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