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The Nintendo DS Lite is the successor to the massively popular Nintendo DS. This was the handheld device that kicked off the next generation in portable gaming. Gone are the old school 8 bit Gameboy days, and welcome to beautiful graphics and gameplay that is responsive to touch. There have been many improvements to the Nintendo DS Lite, it's not just sleeker and slimmer, it has a much brighter screen, and it's also backward-compatible with pretty much every Game Boy Advance game ever.

The Nintendo DS Lite has a growing list of original and creative games you won't find on any other hand held console. The dual screens, both displaying fantastic graphics and one even has touch capabilities, the microphone enabled gameplay and wireless multiplayer features all together make this a really innovate gaming device. It's for these reasons that it got such a fantastic start in the market, unlike it's cousin, the PSP.

It's because of this great start that there is now an over abundance of Nintendo DS Lite devices available for cheap online, and getting your hands on a cheap Nintendo DS lite (or a pink DS lite for the girls) has never been easier.

You'll find the best price available for the Nintendo DS Lite here, and for the hours of entertainment you'll have, it is well worth the small investment. You can also pick up plenty of cheap DS accessories too.

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Nintendo DS Lite Reviews (8)

  1. July 21, 2009 by Alicia Cravens

    I had the original Nintendo DS Titanium so I can compare the new DS Lite to it. It is more slim and stylish and it has a brighter display and a better layout. Both screens are highly visible in different angles and lighting conditions. The keypad and the overall build quality is a lot better than the original DS, also the speakers are better.
    I wish it has a wider screen and both screens touch sensitive, not only the bottom one. The games are good but gaphics are not like on the PSP. The wireless works well, it’s pretty fun to play in multiplayer, but everyone has to have the same game on their console.

    I dropped it a few times and nothing wrong happened, it is very durable. Sometimes I wish it had media playback capabilities, but overally it is a great console.

    interface, games

    Online and media capabilities

  2. July 21, 2009 by Arthur Mcginn

    This is the best console on the portable gaming market without doubt, and with good reason. The PSP has excellent graphics, but the DS has a unique style. Several things are better than in PSP but the most important is that there are more and better games for the DS. The selection of the games is just huge. The list is endless. The old DS had a dim screen, the DS lite’s is a lot better. It’s smaller in size, and more pocket friendly too. It has wireless connectivity and the games loaded a lot faster.

    It has no multimedia features like music or video playback or internet like the PSP but when we are talking about gaming, the DS lite brings it to the next level. If you want to spend endless hours playing on a portable device, the Nintendo DS lite is for you, I’d highly recommend it.

    games, gameplay, price, screens, style

    gaming only

  3. December 7, 2009 by Kay Market

    I love the DS lite! It’s awesome! All the colors it comes in, those are much cooler! But on the DSeye, you can take pictures and there are already minigames on it! I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas! Thanks y’all for listenin’!

    style, games


  4. March 4, 2010 by Vicky

    Loved the product until the right hinge on my son’s nintendo ds lite broke. Yes it is two years old and out of warranty. My son took good care of it just a design flaw as I discovered. Look on line at all the problems people are having with broken hinges. Only way you can get it fixed is to send it to Nintendo for repair for $75.00 plus shipping. Also gives you another year warranty. Still am very disappointed considering the price you pay for the product. Kind of a toss up pay $75.00 for refurbished product or buy new for $130.00. I am still mad Nintendo will not stand behind their product after reading about all hinge rpoblems on line.

    What did you find were the pros of this product?

    What did you find were the cons of this product?

  5. November 8, 2010 by Vincent

    Nintendo DS lite is really cool. It is a lot better than the previous version, the screen is bright and glossy and the colors really stand out in it. The games are fun to play. The touch screen is quite sensitive and it is protected by the flap cover. The controls are nicely placed, hands do not cramp even after hours of gaming. The battery life is good enough, it will last a day or so with medium usage.

    Pros: screen, gameplay, colors
    Cons: flap is weak, fingerprint magnet, slow startup

  6. November 8, 2010 by Natalie


    One of the best thing I like about Nintendo DS lite is that there are many colors available, you can buy your favorite color. Nintendo’s game are always fun to play, to play these games you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer and these games are incredibly fun too. It can be used while travelling also to kill the time. The screen of Nintendo DS lite is better than the screen of previous generation console.

    Pros: colors, better screen, fun games
    Cons: weak hinge, loose flap motion, finger print appear.

  7. November 8, 2010 by Harry


    Nintendo DS lite has lots of games to play, it has some of the old school game like Mario, sonic etc. Nintendo DS lite is about 20 percent lighter than Nintendo DS. The screen of Nintendo DS lite has some kind of protective material which protects it from scratches etc. The buttons of the controller has been better placed this time round and games are easier to play because of that. Battery life is amazing.

    Pros: nice design, fun games, better wifi connectivity
    Cons: slow startup, hinge cracks easily, DS download play is slow.

  8. November 10, 2010 by Gerry


    One advantage that Nintendo DS lite has against other handheld gaming console is its price. Nintendo DS lite is very cheap compared to PlayStation portable. The LED indicators are a nicely done, they show different light for different kind of notification like if the device is on or off or if the battery is low. The wifi connectivity allows DS Download Play and Muli-card play. Multi-player gameplay is very cool. Battery life is really great.

    Pros: great games, good design, fun gameplay
    Cons: hinge is weak, flap is not strong, slow downloads

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