PS3 Slim (120GB)

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There's no denying what a superb piece of gaming and entertainment technology the Playstation 3 is, but it's bulky design is not exactly desirable. Bigger than an old fashioned VCR player with a chip on it's shoulder, but yet packed with features and incredible graphics. For those of us put off by the 1990's style size of the original machine, we can breathe a sigh of relief that Sony has brought out an update to the PS3, the Playstation 3 Slim. This bad boy really is slim, sleek and as sexy as the graphics the PS3 can produce. It has all the great features of the original PS3 but it is 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter and offers a large hard drive for its small size, 120GB hard drive.

Sony have not just made the PS3 smaller or lighter, thankfully they've made some welcome modifications to the original, albeit odd, design. The shiny black finish has been replaced with a matte finish and the buttons have changed to physical buttons rather then those annoying touch buttons. It's much more compact, but all runs a lot quieter too. The PS3 Slim has a new 45nm processor as opposed to the old 60nm, this means that it runs at the same impressive speed but it is much more energy efficient. This slim, elegant console also has the same built-in Wi-Fi and the same two USB ports as its predecessor.

The PS3 slim also doubles up as a Blu-ray and upscaling DVD player, and has HDMI output with 1080p support. It will certainly be a consideration for those shopping for a Blu-Ray player as its design and price are a lot more desirable than some of the current Blu-ray players on the market at the moment. Why pay $100's for a blu-ray player that only plays movies, when the PS3 Slim is a gaming, internet and multimedia powerhouse.

This isn't just a better machine to it's predecessor, the price has been reduced too, making it a hot commodity. Get your hands on one now, don't be disappointed later.

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PS3 Slim (120GB) Reviews (10)

  1. November 24, 2009 by rudad5@adelphia.net

    for it seems great i just purchased it because the ps3 80gb i bought infeb 2008 had that ylod problem and instead of fixing the first i thought to repair later and then sell with five games for 300 with the problems mentioned of course i guess thats the best thing to do for now or shouldnt they have a recall and fix the problem before they sell them? i still have my first ps2 and it works great.

    overheating im told

    awaiting the future ylod problem

  2. May 4, 2010 by Ismael

    this system is great i bought it and it works perfect.i had bought a regular ps3 and i got the ylod so i sold it and bought a new one. the ps3 slim i got it works great with the cooling fan i got it

    the best video game system

    checking to see if my ps3 will get the ylod(i hope it dont)

  3. May 5, 2010 by s.smith

    i love my ps3 onlery dif between this and mine is i have the 250 gig harddrive,i recodmend the 250 gig cause about 30 gigs are used for the system software and coming updates[some of it is reserved for updates & such] plus you always want a bit more room for that psn game,eh?

    fast OS and exelent in all aspects

    the games arnt cheap but il live with it,besides that the controllers are not cheap also expected,psn could use a bit of shining up ut in 6 months will be better than XBL i bet

  4. August 25, 2010 by Austin M.

    This 120gb is a great console, i too had the ylod on my old ps3. but now i am looking to buy a 2nd slim for my own personal gaming reasons, and i see on he, zwee they sell for $237, are they selling it as a NEW console? or used?

    Pros: The size/weight
    Cons: My newly 1 year old slim, seems to freeze on rare occasions, its probably just cause i have it on too long, no biggy. Just a heads up though.

  5. October 18, 2010 by asa


    I Have A Xbox 360 haha im considering buying this just cause you dont have to pay for using the internet. But The Xbox 360 Has a lil bit smoother graphics processor, But im my view i would like a ps3 or you know what a ps2….cause ps2′s dont break down easy. the live forever.

    Pros: Respect My Authoratah
    Cons: IDK

  6. October 20, 2010 by Jade


    The new PlayStation slim is really awesome. It comes in a small packaging which is very good for environment. The pictures of PlayStation slim that you see in the internet do not do justice to this device. PlayStation 3 is very slim and it looks very good but the surface area is the same. The console has a simpler and a modern look. The fan is also quieter so almost no sound comes out of the console when you are playing games.

    Pros: design, games, graphics
    Cons: material quality, no changes from previous version, HDMI out.

  7. October 20, 2010 by James


    There are no actual changes in this version of PlayStation. The slim name is appropriate as it is slimmer than the previous version but I was exception some hardware and internal changes also. The console is less noisy and cooler than the previous version and Sony has said that it consumes less power but I have got no confirmation on that. The hard drive is bigger and that is welcome as I can now put in more games than before.

    Pros: bigger hard drive, slim body, power consumption
    Cons: no HDMI out, costly, reduction in quality.

  8. October 20, 2010 by Eddie


    PlayStation slim takes up less space on my table and I can keep it near to my TV. The interface is awesome and simple enough that my little brother also uses it without a problem. It plays blue ray also so now I don’t have to buy another blue ray player. PlayStation Network is fun and the games work really well in it, the graphics are top quality and run very smooth. I did not did not find any HDMI cable in the box.

    Pros: Hard drive, small size, interface
    Cons: HDMI cable not included, costly games, problems setting up.

  9. November 26, 2010 by dre


    I am not rating the ps3 slim. I am about to buy it for my son because in 07 when the old ps3 came out I bought him one and I had to sent it off 3 times to sony to get it fix each time I have paid $160.00 and the gave me 6 mths warrenty. After 6mths it’s still give same issues. I sent it to sony in April and couple weeks ago it stop working again. The old ps3 should be recalled, it’s a total ripoff. I really didn’t want to buy another ps3 for him but he love it, maybe because he’s not the one who has to keep paying sony to get it fix.

    Pros: features
    Cons: reliability

  10. January 1, 2011 by D Stephens


    I think it’s a great system even though it’s not sold by the manufacturer anymore. My hubby and son love playing games on it

    Pros: It’s affordable and not clunky
    Cons: Is there really any?

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