XBOX 360 Slim Console

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Looking for an Xbox with an all new design and built-in Wi-Fi? With an all new sleek black design, the Xbox 360 Slim is 17 percent smaller than its predecessor. It looks much better all round and has a new touch-sensitive disc tray and menu buttons.

There is a great range of connections- a devoted digital optical audio-out port that can be used with an HDMI, component, or composite video connection, a whopping five USB ports and a dedicated Kinect port. With the Nintendo Wii grabbing all the attention of the active gamers, it was only a matter of time until Microsoft came up with some serious competition. The Xbox 360 Slim is Kinect ready, meaning that when the brand new Kinect for Xbox 360 arrives in November 2010, you can connect it to your console and have the most interactive gaming experience yet. Unlike the Wii, Kinect doesn't need a controller. Your body is the controller as the Kinect sensor tracks your body movements and even recognizes your voice.

If you love Xbox LIVE, you are sure to enjoy the built-in Wi-Fi. That's right, Xbox have finally caught up with the PS3 by including 802.11 b/g/n wifi connectivity. So you can say goodbye to pricy accessories and hello to gamers all over the world. You will also be leaving behind that annoying fan noise with this new hardware and enjoy your gaming without worrying about overheating. With a 250GB hard drive, there is plenty of storage for all your games and movies also.

Prepare for the excitement of the future and enjoy the exhilaration that the Xbox 360 Slim can offer today with its advanced graphics and sleek new design. Get it at an unbeatable price here.

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Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

XBOX 360 Slim Console Reviews (4)

  1. September 7, 2010 by Eddie


    Xbox 360 slim is the latest version of Microsoft’s gaming console. This new version is seventeen per cent slimmer than the previous Xbox model. It looks sleek and slim and the design is very attractive. It also has a built in Wi-Fi chip so that you can easily get on the internet. The Xbox 360′s operation is fast and silent and it has touch sensitive buttons which are very cool. Unlike the older Xbox 360 models the newer ones are Kinect ready.

    Pros: powerful hardware, awesome games, Built in WiFi
    Cons: red ring of death, get very hot, wireless signal not good.

  2. September 7, 2010 by Rick


    The new Xbox 360 slim has a seek design and it looks good when kept beside the television set, it also occupies less space than the previous model of Xbox 360 and it operates silently compared to the previous version, playing games straight from the DVD still makes lot of sound so it would be better if you install the game to the hard drive, this also prevents the game CD from getting lot of scratches and less heat is produced as there are no moving parts.

    Pros: sleek looks, good games, silent.
    Cons: gets hot, putting in DVD games makes sound, wireless connectivity.

  3. September 7, 2010 by Indy


    The new version of Xbox called Xbox 360 slim is a revision of the older Xbox model; it is slimmer, takes up less space, silent than the previous models, generates less heat, had a new Wi-Fi modem built-in and is more stable than the previous versions. The graphics, gameplay, controls and speed are as excellent as always. There are lots of awesome games available, some of them are exclusive to Xbox console which makes buying Xbox 360 slim a must.

    Pros: touch sensitive buttons, awesome graphics, kinect ready
    Cons: red ring of death, gets very hot, DVD games make sound,

  4. February 5, 2013 by TP



    Pros: about everything
    Cons: my mom

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