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Wii MotionPlus is the must-have accessory for your Wii. It connects right onto your Wii remote to allow you to enjoy a greater gaming experience than ever before.

This accessory adds greater precision to your gameplay. The remote is much more sensitive to your movements as additional sensors allow even the most gentle gesture to have great on screen results. This means you have greater accuracy and control.The overall enjoyment of the game is greatly improved with MotionPlus because you feel much more involved in the game itself. The slightest turn of your wrist is recognized and rewarded. The future of the Wii has most certainly arrived.

To find out which games are MotionPlus compatible, be sure to check the back of the box or read the product information. Due to its great gameplay, you can expect all new Wii games to be compatible with this fantastic new hardware.

Whatever Motion Plus games you're playing, you'll love the extra control that the Wii MotionPlus delivers. Buy your hot accessory today.

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Wii Motion Plus Reviews (3)

  1. September 28, 2010 by Hal


    Wii Motion Plus is a good gaming controller but constantly recalibrating it is not fun. I personally had to calibrate my motion plus controller, every time the game started, when I moved to another level, and if you are playing some intense game like sword fighting you will have to calibrate the controller with increasing frequency and it takes five to seven minute to calibrate the controller which is a waste of time and it is very annoying.

    Pros: increases responsiveness, fits well, good to hold.
    Cons: frequent calibrate, hardware issues, connection error

  2. September 28, 2010 by karl


    Wii Motion plus is a Nintendo Wii accessory which is added to the Wii mote. It increases the responsiveness of the wii mote and playing games are much easier and fun with additional responsiveness. It attaches to the wii mote snugly and doesn’t add any extra uncomfortable weight to the Wii mote, in fact the little weight that it adds makes it much better to hold and swing. Wii Motion plus currently doesn’t support much games.

    Pros: great design, comfortable, responsive
    Cons: constant calibration, signal loss, calibration takes time.

  3. September 28, 2010 by Bert


    I bought Wii Motion Plus along with Tiger Woods 2010. If you want to know the difference, play Tiger woods without attaching the motion plus to the Wii mote and after you attaching motion plus to the Wii mote, you will see a huge difference in the gaming experience. Motion plus makes gaming much simpler because it increases the responsiveness of Wii mote. The only problem I faced was it had to constantly recalibrated which is a time consuming process.

    Pros: responsive, nice battery life, light
    Cons: calibration, connection loss, not many games

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