Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

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Do you love racing games on your Xbox 360? If you love Forza Motorsport or any racing game where you take the wheel, then the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel. While games like Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii used a wheel remote to have more fun while gaming, that was just a piece of round plastic that your remote attached to. The Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel is much more advanced. It has trigger buttons for gas and brake, motion sensors for really intuitive movement and even rumble feedback so that you can feel all those bumps on the race track.

The motion sensors on the wheel are really effective. You really feel like your driving with the car turning at the precise time, angle and speed of the wheel. Not only is it a more enjoyable gaming experience, it is much more accurate than using the standard Xbox controller. The wheel has a really nice design; it has a set of directional and action buttons each side, and lights up green at the top of the handles. The Buttons for game-specific functions come in really handy and the triggers are accessible and comfortable.

Unfortunately, the wheel does not have a port for wired headsets but it does support wireless headsets. The Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel is very easy to set up, it syncs just like a controller so if you own an Xbox, you already know how to do it. If you're bored with thumbstick controllers or just want a more fun racing experience, then pick up a Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel here at a great price.

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Last updated: Sunday, January 19, 2020

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