The New Nintendo 3DS

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Everyone knows the worst part about 3D movies is the glasses. Well what if you didn't have to wear the glasses? Better yet, what if you could carry around a 3D screen in your pocket for gaming? The Nintendo 3DS really is a revolution in gaming technology. The 3D screen draws you into the game you're playing like no games console has ever been able to do before. There is even a camera on the 3DS which allows you to take your very own 3D photos.

The form factor is similar to the popular DSi previously released to much acclaim by Nintendo. There are two screens once again and the bottom screen is a touch screen which you can control with a new adjustable stylus. The top screen is where things get very exciting. 3D visuals pop out of this screen and are visible to the naked eye. You can even control how much 3D you see with the 3D depth slider. How you want to game is your choice- seeing 3D very clearly, moderately or even not at all. It was a nice touch by Nintendo to add this option. There is also a new addition of a circle pad, which will please those who love the freedom of joy stick play. This is a much more ergonomic control and allows you to move around faster and more comfortably.

Although there are lots of games for children, Nintendo have geared this console toward an adult audience also. There are plenty of great games to choose from with amazing graphics, plenty of which are appealing to older age groups. These include Pro Evolution Soccer, Zelda, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and The Sims. With backwards compatibility that supports Nintendo DS and DSi games, you can still play old favorites on your new console. The 3DS is capable of so much that it's amazing that the launch price is so low. The Nintendo 3DS consoles are in very limited stock and will not be around for long, so pick one up now while you can.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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