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We all feel a bit Nostalgic from time to time. There’s no worse feeling than when you get an itch to crack out the old school Nintendo 64 just to discover that your mother cleared out the attic and threw it out. Was that just me?

Well it’s not a nice feeling. Who could forget all the good times with Zelda, Golden eye, old school Super Mario 64 and my personal favorite Mortal Kombat!  Whether it’s the new release of Super Smash Bros. that has you reminiscing or maybe the new Mario Kart, it’s time to get back to your roots.

For anyone that is craving the old N64, we’ve listed some really cheap auctions below.

The N64 is some serious hardcore old shool kit and now that the world has been taken over by the "next gen" consoles, there has never been a better time to pick up your own cheap nintendo 64, the original next gen console.

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Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

Nintendo 64 – Game console Reviews (1)

  1. April 16, 2012 by Chris Allen


    Even though I have never owned an N64, I have played it and it is very fun and reliable. The games are LEGENDARY. One game, which I really want (Conker’s Bad Fur Day) is EXQUISITE. The N64 is a wonderful edition to any gamers collection, and I’d play this son of a bitch, any day. Take my advice: GET THIS GAME CONSOLE!

    Pros: Alot of the N64′s best features have to do with the games. That’s about it, other than having an action replay.
    Cons: The only thing I find horrendous is the way the controller is set up. The controller is the end of a trident. The main control stick is set up right near the buttons and its a bit difficult to push the buttons at the right time which takes time to get used to. That’s my only complaint.

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