Brain Training – Nintendo DS Lite & DSI

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The Nintendo DS Lite and DSI are incredible portable gaming devices but sometimes you need a break from those juvenile diversions like Super Mario. If you really want to challenge yourself you need Brain Training. Instead of jumping through hoops and rescuing princesses, Braining Training involves the three Rs - Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. This game will exercise your brain and might even make you feel smarter!

The Brain Training games have been devised in cooperation with Dr. Kawashima, a renowned neuroscientist. It engages you in a number of different tests which assess your skill levels and will determine your brain’s age. Practice and play this game every day and your brain age will get better and better. The more you play the more games and levels become available to you.

Not only is this game addictive and engaging it’s also really fun, incorporating the use of voice and handwriting recognition, making use of all the Nintendo DS Lite and DSI features. With Brain Training for Nintendo DS Lite and DSI you also get a bonus of tons of Sudoko puzzles to play for fun. Not only that but you can also share this game as there is room for up to four player profiles. Buy this now and compete against your friends and family to see who has the best brain age!

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Brain Training – Nintendo DS Lite & DSI Reviews (3)

  1. September 16, 2010 by Logan


    Brain Training is a very addictive game and it is good for your brain too. There are countless ripoffs of this game but it is still the best game available in the market. This brain training game gave some activities and games which you must play everyday. How much you have improved or improving is shown through personal performance statistics. More games are unlocked as you improve and reach a certain score in the game.

    Pros: good set of games, engaging gameplay, comparative stats
    Cons: no multiplayer, limited re playability, repetitive

  2. September 16, 2010 by Cody


    In this brain training game you have to go through a series of games which test your brain level, usually everyone starts with the kid level and improve on the way. You are given a set of games to play every day and you have to reach a certain point before the next set of games is unlocked. These next set of games would be obviously harder than the previous set and you have to make a certain score in order to go to the next level and receive new set of games.

    Pros: nice games, competitive, performance stats
    Cons: repetitive, no multiplayer, hand recognition not good.

  3. September 16, 2010 by Brooke


    Brain Training is a set of games which will over time improve your memory, color recognition, analytical skills, mathematical silks etc. these games test your skills and brain power. You have to play it every day to have any effect, don’t worry it won’t take more than thirty minutes of your time every day to play this game. Even though there is no multiplayer support in this game, you can compare the performance stats with that of your friends and family.

    Pros: performance stats comparing, gameplay, game sets
    Cons: no multiplayer, bad handwriting input, a little too easy

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