Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

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You have to give it to Mario, he has really stood the test of time and remains a fond favorite in the eyes of gamers all over the world. Super Mario 3D Land, is a new and exciting Mario game that shows that Mario is still fresh and new. For big Mario fans, this game is a real treat because you can immerse yourself in the true depth of the Mario environment and pay around full rendered 3D landscapes. The game itself has a new twist on what we have seen from Mario before.

In Super Mario 3D Land, we see the return of old enemies. The storyline is great as Bowser has returned and kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario has to save the princess but that's not his only adventure. Characters like goomba and Boo can now can go against Mario with tanooki racoon tails that they swat you with so it adds an extra challenge. Mario has elements of power on his side too though including the classic mushroom of course, the tanooki leaf, and a new Boomerang power-up, where Mario can throw boomerangs at his enemies and they will return, similar to the classic Boomerang Brothers from Super Mario 3.

The levels are well designed and end when you find the flagpole but this can be quite a challenge sometimes. Where Super Mario 3D Land really stands out though is visually. This game looks amazing. There is so much detail in every level and it is the best 3D I've even seen on the 3Ds. There are certain games that really embrace the 3D effects, such as puzzles that challenge you to solve an optical illusion and the perception is something that other 3D games have not yet embraced. Overall, this game is highly recommended in terms of graphics, plot and overall enjoyment, it's just outstanding. If you can only choose one game for your Nintendo 3DS, let it be Super Mario 3D Land. Pick up a copy at our limited sale price now.

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Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) Reviews (1)

  1. February 14, 2012 by Nigel


    I was a bit skeptical about the Nintendo 3DS, that was until I played Super Mario 3D Land. I was disappointed with the 3D games up until now but the 3S effect in this game is actually stunning. You can execute your play a lot more accurately and the 3D is more customizable in this game than I have found in any other. I know that this is feedback on the 3D but if you’re looking at this, you son’t need to be told how awesome Mario is, right?!

    Pros: Really shows what the 3Ds can do.
    Cons: Can’t think of any except that Mario haters won’t like it!

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