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We all have someone in our life who is pink crazy! Well this is definitely one for them. The Nintendo DS has a huge range of games to choose from, touch-screen technology and wireless communication. Take the DS lite anywhere, with its newly designed slimmer body that’s two thirds the size of the original DS.

If you have a collection of Gameboy advance games, there’s an additional port which lets you enjoy those games on your DS lite. The Wi-Fi connection lets you connect wirelessly to friends all over the globe. Keep entertained for hours by challenging your friends with any Wi-Fi ready game. The advanced 3D graphics of the DS lite are superior to other portable games systems and the buttons are really user-friendly and easy to navigate. You navigate menus using a new re-designed stylus that’s now 1cm longer and 1mm thicker. There’s a tough film over the touchscreen that protects it from scratches.

You’re guaranteed to have hours of fun with this super device!

There’s a built in microphone so you can voice chat with other DS players or use it for certain games that require voice control like Nintendogs for example.  The PictoChat feature allows users to write messages onscreen with the stylus and send them wirelessly.

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Pink Nintendo DS Lite Reviews (6)

  1. November 21, 2009 by Stephanie Stroud

    light weight and easy to handle. clean graphics and user friendly interface. graphics do not compare to those of the PSP or larger tv consoles. overall a good product for the money.

    lightweight and kid-friendly

    poor graphics and games freeze on occasion

  2. March 3, 2010 by lena

    it the best thing ever even though i dont got one :)

    cute and light wieght

    nothing i can think of

  3. August 23, 2010 by Jenna Depew

    Best thing ever besides the Wii!

    Pros: It is fun to play with.
    Cons: It is very light.

  4. November 7, 2010 by Jesse


    Nintendo DS lite is not just a lite version of Nintendo DS, it is a remake and a better version of Nintendo DS. The controls are placed better in this version and the screen is also visibly brighter which make the graphics better and gameplay more fun. The brightness of the screen as far as I am aware does not affect the battery life of the console, the battery life of both the gaming console is almost similar.

    Pros: light weight, cool color, nice gameplay
    Cons: gets scratched easily, hinge not strong, minor bugs

  5. November 7, 2010 by Ron


    The materials used to make the new Nintendo DS lite are light but these light materials are not very strong. So try not to drop it on to the floor. The screen is actually good, it is crisp and bright, the colors are more vivid and it increases the gameplay experience. Nintendo has made a slight change in the keys of the controller and it is now simpler to play the games. It is a must have for a gamer.

    Pros: colors, gameplay, screen
    Cons: cheap materials used. hinge creaks, costly games

  6. November 7, 2010 by Harry


    The new Nintendo DS lite has lots of changes and most of them are good, the gameplay is simpler because of the new buttons placement, the screen is brighter, more glossy and colors stand out in it. The menu and navigation is better and more user friendly. The touch screen is a lot better in this version. The main difference, I think, is the screen protection. Previous versions had no screen protection and they got scratches easily but in this version this is some sort of layer over the screen which protects it.

    Pros: better screen protection, nice colors, simpler menu
    Cons: minor lags in gameplay, lower graphs in some games, hinge creaks.

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