PlayStation Vita (WiFi)

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The PlayStation Vita is the most exciting addition to portable gaming that we've seen in quite a while. A real step up from the Playstation Portable, the PlayStation Vita is a gorgeous handheld gaming device with a 5-inch 16 million colour 960x544 multi touch screen display. It has been designed to be suitable for gaming in all lighting conditions as the screen is made with OLED technology. The lightweight design is perfect for mobile gaming and it is has an ultra slimline and easy grip shape that makes it extremely portable. It is much larger than a smartphone, which is necessary for a gaming device. Nobody likes to game on a tiny screen.

Similar to the iPhone, the Playstation Vita has motion sensors which makes gaming much more immersive. There are six Axis sensors so it is really responsive to movement and there is a touch pad on the back on the Vita making it an all-round gaming machine. The dual analog sticks also give it more of a Playstation 3 feel. This isn't the only similarity to the PS3 either, with an extremely powerful quad-core processor based on the ARM Cortex A9, this is the closest Sony have been to providing a PS3 experience on a portable device.There is a front and rear camera onboard this device and we will hopefully see some games developers implementing this for augmented reality experiences. With WiFi connectivity users can play multi-player games with friends on the go and browse the web.

While the Playstation Portable had its fans, it never did manage to acquire the same amount of users as the Nintendo DS. It looks the the PlayStation Vita will change this.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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