Captain America: Super Soldier (PS3)

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Did you love the blockbuster movie Captain America? Or have you been a fan of the comic books from before the movie was ever envisaged? If you're a fan of the super soldier in any shape or form then you'll love stepping into his universe with the video game Captain America: Super Soldier for the Playstation 3. There is an all-new storyline for this game so you don't have to play through the storyline you already know. There are similarities though, so the characters are parts of the timeline will be familiar. When the game begins, Captain already has his shield. He is trained up and ready to fight some Nazis. An enemy group called the Hydra shows up and Captain America has to infiltrate their castle, take out there army one by one and release prisoners.

The gameplay in Super Soldier is great. It is a mix of free-flowing combo based combat and acrobatic platforming. Acrobatic platforming means that you are scaling walls, climbing ledges and vaulting from poles to ensure that you complete your mission. In this game, your shield is your most powerful weapon and it's mighty important for defense too. You can use it for everything- solving puzzles, destroying objects, taking down multiple enemies and even reflecting gunfire and fire. The graphics and the animations in this game are really immersive with great plot and cutscene integration. Captain America: Super Solider builds upon the movie plot to enhance the story you know, but it is also a great story in its own right. This is a great action game for your Playstation 3 that all Captain America fans will love. Pick up a great deal on this game today.

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Captain America: Super Soldier (PS3) Reviews (1)

  1. November 7, 2011 by Peter


    I loved this movie so much, I just had to get the game. It doesn’t’ disappoint. That seriously cool feel and look of the movie translates to a game so perfectly. I love playing as Captain America, there is nothing better than throwing his shield around bashing natzis.

    Pros: SHIELD
    Cons: Would like to see more characters.

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