Catherine for Playstation 3

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Are you bored of the same type of shooter and sport games for the Playstation 3? Looking for something completely different? Catherine is an action adventure game for the Playstation 3 that is so unique, there is nothing else to compare it to. It is a really unusual game that mixes real life with a nightmarish alternate reality that keeps tensions high throughout gameplay. You play this game as Vincent, a 32-year old man that has been avoiding long-term commitment for his whole life. When his girlfriend Katherine sits him down for "the talk", he panics and seeks advice over drinks with his friends. That night, he meets drop-dead gorgeous Catherine, who sends his life into a whirlwind.

When Vincent falls asleep, he enters a nightmare world and this is where the challenge begins. If you enjoy puzzle games then Catherine is the game for you. There is a platform puzzle game that calls on you to really use your brain in order to climb a series of blocks by making your own path. The faster you climb, the higher your score is but it really requires some thinking. There is also a challenge of defeating tricky boss characters in order to survive the night's sleep. Even in this nightmare world, the puzzle is engaging, fun and the graphics are amazing. During the day, you have to make decisions for Vincent's character that will test your morality and affect the development and conclusion of the story.

Intended for a mature audience, this game tackles many themes that young adults will relate to. A love triangle, lust and guilt will really play with your emotions for the duration of Catherine.This game comes with a free artbook and an amazing soundtrack that was composed especially for this game. The arrangements are classical, jazzy and can be enjoyed long after you complete the game. If you're looking for a game that's very original with an engaging storyline can gorgeous animation, pick up a copy of Catherine for Playstation 3 here today at a great price.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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