Assassin’s Creed II for Playstation 3

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Did you enjoy Assassin’s Creed? Assassin’s Creed II is the sequel of the widely popular game- Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed was so popular that it left a lot of gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the sequel. I can safely say that they won’t be disappointed with this game. The first thing that you'll notice about this game is that it is huge and it is stylish. It has all the things that you loved in the first game yet it corrects many minor annoyances that were present in the first game. Assassin’s creed II has evolved from the ill-defined action game to a full featured open world experience. Almost everything in the game from the monetary system to buying weapons has been improved.

The game has been set in the Renaissance period in Italy. What makes this game very interesting is it has lots of historical fiction, conspiracies and other elements similar to the Dan Brown novels. The game environments, arts and animations are breath-taking. And it is not just good looks; the Playstation 3 gameplay of this game actively builds on the first game. What is even more exciting is that this game answers some of the questions which rose in the first game and it also ties up many loose ends from the prequel. This game starts exactly where the last game ended with the kidnapped bartender Desmond locked in his cell at Abstergo. At the start Desmond is introduced to the assassins at their secret hideout. Here they access the technology that allows Desmond to relive the past. This time around he is relocated to the 15th century Italy to learn the ways of the assassins through life of Ezio Audituerre de Firenze. This is a nice introduction that builds up to the interesting part- The revenge. Assassin’s Creed II is a great game for both old and new fans alike. Pick up a copy today at a great price for your Playstation 3.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

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