Demon’s Souls for Playstation 3

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Demon’s Souls is a game which separates the wheat from the chaff. When I say that this game is extremely challenging and tough, I mean it. If you're looking for a quick fix RPG then look elsewhere, Demon’s Souls is most definitely for the committed only. Why should you make the commitment you ask? Well to put simply, it really is one of the finest games ever produced – honestly, it has won plenty of awards and plenty of fans to prove it.

Demon's Souls is not a traditional RPG with linear characters with class specific skills and stat outlines.  This automatically means you really have to think about your choices. The character generation is well developed in that you can pick gender and make a wide array of variations to their facial features and you can have up to four characters saved at any one time. Graphic wise the game is A1 I have never noticed a single glitch. The game flows with such speed that it really will blow you away.Added to that the presentation angles adjust cleverly as you move so you have the added ability to move it in any direction via right control stick. The gameplay is superb, though I have to say that it is demanding. Using obvious tactic always will end in failure, Demon's Souls requires intelligent and tactical fighting. This said though the game controls are fairly easy to comprehend and once you adapt to your character's state. If you enjoy using your brain when gaming, then Demon's Souls is most definitely for you.

When you eventually complete the game you will realize that you really can play it again and again such is the intricate form of the game. You will also discover all that could be different from a different set of tactics. If you want a challenging RPG then Demon's Souls really is the best choice out there for your Playstation 3. We've got massive savings on this amazing game right here.

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Demon’s Souls for Playstation 3 Reviews (3)

  1. September 7, 2010 by Gwen


    Demon Souls is a very hard game. You have to play this game carefully or you will die lot of time in this game. The customization level provided by the game is very good but the level of interaction in the game is less than what I expected. The game’s story is also very short. You have to kill the demonic souls and collect their souls which will make you stronger. This goes on until you get powerful enough to destroy the main demon.

    Pros: nice combat, cool characters, online element
    Cons: game is very hard, no save points, experience point hard to get.

  2. September 7, 2010 by Martin


    This might one of the games which is not interactive at all which I have played. Your aim/mission in the game is to defeat the demon souls and collect their souls. The souls that you collect increase your power level by certain points. You have to collect all these points and get as powerful as you can before facing the final demon. You are alone in this game and it gives you a sense of loneliness. The interaction with other people is very limited in this game.

    Pros: gameplay, graphics, characters,
    Cons: very challenging, no save points, not easy for casual gamers.

  3. September 7, 2010 by Ashley


    This Game provides a wide range of customizations. You start the game by picking a character of a certain class. You then train him and kill these demons using this character increases its experience level. You are not restricted to use the same character throughout the game; you can change the character whenever you like with just a little harm to your experience points. Weaponry is also not restricted to certain class; weapons are available to all characters regardless of class.

    Pros: soundtrack, graphics, gameplay
    Cons: very hard, save points not available, frustrating the number of time we die playing against boss enemies.

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