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Whether you're the type of gamer that waits for the lads to come round to play some football on your Playstation or the kind that puts their time and effort into tournaments and achievements, the newest addition to the Fifa catalogue  has endless appeal and offers hours of quality football simulation.

The AI in Fifa 2009 left a lot to be desired, thankfully in the 2010 version players no longer stand around in disbelief and goalies are a lot more savy. There have been some massive improvements not only to the in game AI,  the graphics and game controls - such as the 360 degree dribbling, but there's also been a huge overhaul to the popular "Be a Pro" mode. You can now upload photos of yourself to create your very own player and work your way up from the little leagues to play along side your favourite teams working toward international stardom.

If you're itching for some decent soccer action since the latest PS3 price drop, this is most definitely for you. Complete objectives to enhance your abilities and eventually you'll be able to represent your country. The "Be a Pro" mode gives you a true sense of the game, whereas the improved graphics and enhanced AI make the multiplayer and quick play modes far more challenging and enjoyable. Even if you've played a football game before, you've not played one like this. Stay on the ball and buy Fifa 2010 today.

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Fifa 2010 For PS3 Reviews (3)

  1. October 8, 2010 by Martin


    FIFA 2010 is hands down the best FIFA game created by Electronic Arts. This game is a major improvement over the previous versions of this game. The graphics are better than ever, there is some kind of change to the whole game atmosphere, maybe it’s the cheering crowd or the better graphics or the improved game responsiveness or maybe some other game elements…whatever it is, the game is much more fun to play now.

    Pros: graphics, gameplay, sound effects
    Cons: interface, difficulty level, action replay

  2. October 8, 2010 by Nat


    Fifa 2010 is one of the most realistic game I’ve played in a while. If realistic means hard, yes it is hard, the defence is stronger and scoring goals is not as easy as in the earlier versions of the game. So you won’t be able to make an awesome score against the opponent team. The graphics have received lots of attention. The level of detail is astonishing. The grass in the field looks real, the facial expressions of the players is also more real than before.

    Pros: gameplay, graphics, camera angles
    Cons: controls, interface, statistics page.

  3. October 8, 2010 by Vicky


    I have some major complaints about FiFA 2010, I was expecting a game which would be better than FIFA 2009 but I was disappointed by the latest FIFA game. It was like this game was made for kids. The interface has been dumbed down. There are less ways to customize the game experience. The statistics page which gave lots of details in the earlier versions of FIFA is dull and empty now. There is no way adjust the game difficulty which is very frustrating.

    Pros: graphics, soundtrack, stadium
    Cons: controls, interface, customizations.

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