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It's the game we've all been waiting for (but I have mine already!) and jaysus was it worth the wait! I'm actually surprised I have time to write this. I took a few days off work just to play this game! GTA 4 is without a doubt the best PS3 game ever

The new gameplay is amazing and completely different to the old GTA games. As you probably know, you play a Russian in New York trying to make it big. After a botched message from your cousin, things get fun in all the wonderful fire and explosions that you have come to expect from the GTA series.

Below we have listed the cheapest GTA offers for the PS3. All listings are for GTA 4 and work on all PS3s. Order online today and stop listening to everyone else talking about it! With GTA 4 being almost sold out throughout the United States, you better pick up your copy now. You can compare prices of GTA 4 above with official retailers in the right sidebar. As for me...I'm off to steal a car and create some havoc in NYC .

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Grand Theft Auto GTA IV – PS3 Reviews (4)

  1. June 24, 2009 by brian

    well i actually only played GTA4 on ps3 once, ive payed it lots at my friends house on his 360, it is kick AS*!!!!!!

  2. October 24, 2010 by Matthew


    Grand Theft Auto game just gets bigger and better and more fun to play. The story of Grand Theft Auto 4 is awesome and engaging. The voice acting is great and the pace of the game is refreshing. Again the whole city is open to you to do anything you want. The map of this game is huge and you will spend hours looking around it. The graphics are better, the soundtrack is good and you even have the option to add your own music.

    Pros: gameplay, open maps, graphics
    Cons: cost, repetition, driving is awful.

  3. October 24, 2010 by Ray


    There are lots of changes in this version of Grand Theft Auto, some of the tasks that you were required to do in the previous versions of the game like going to the gym are no longer here. One unnecessary option has also been added to the game, You don’t have to drive to the place of your mission, you can get in a cab and hit R1 to skip the driving park. Driving around the city is fun, why remove that?

    Pros: graphics, gameplay, controls
    Cons: AI not good, restrictive, driving.

  4. October 24, 2010 by Hayden


    Grand Theft Auto 4 is just like an action movie. The story is interesting. The controls are still similar which is a good thing as there was nothing wrong with the controls in the previous version of the game. The game is huge, you will discover only twenty percent of the city even after playing the game for a few days. Character customizations are gone, you cannot workout to increase the body mass, you cannot get tattoos. The character remains the same.

    Pros: gameplay, controls, story
    Cons: game bots are dumb, some areas are inaccessible, customizations

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