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Were you a fan of the bestselling video game Infamous? The long awaited sequel has finally arrived. Infamous 2 is a single player game made exclusively for the PlayStation 3. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sequel is even even better than the original. It is an immersive adventure game that offers a powerful, emotional and visceral take on being a superhero and the choices that you have to make when you are given superpowers.

The best features of this game are the unique blend of electrical and melee combat abilities, epic boss battles and user generated missions. Infamous 2 has a new morality system which means there are two possible ways in which the game could end that are determined by the decisions you make in the game. The game’s main character Cole MacGrath is back, and he has worked upon and improved his abilities and energy. After being blamed for the destruction of Empire City, he goes on a journey to discover all of his powers and confront his enemy. The evil force in this game is very powerful and bent on annihilating the East Coast. To defeat this enemy, Cole needs to find a key that will unlock his undiscovered powers which are hidden deep within New Marais. However, getting into the city is no easy task.

The pressure is on for you to discover your hidden powers and defeat your enemy before he destroys the world. The cinematic sequences of the game are spectacular. Infamous has an open world gameplay where you can explore the vibrant city of New Marais. There is a built-in tool set which lets you create and share missions with your friends on the PlayStation network. These missions function as side quests- you do get additional player points when you accept and play these side quests but they do not affect the primary mission of the game. It’s a great way of extending the longevity of this superb game. If you’re looking for an action adventure game for your Playstation 3, then Infamous 2 will be one of the best you’ll ever play. Grab a great deal on a copy today.

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Last updated: Thursday, December 12, 2019

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