Killzone 3 for Playstation 3

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Looking for a popular shooter game for your PS3? Killzone 3 is the third entry in the first person shooter series which has been released exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The graphics and gameplay of Killzone 3 fully integrated into the PlayStation Move system during the gameplay. In this game you continue the fight as part of a futuristic special ops team against the terribly tough Helghast Empire. This game also introduces you to the Helghan culture, you will come to know about their rabid nature, you will also discover their weaknesses (mainly the internal struggle in the ranks) which is really your concern because then you can use it against them to defeat them. One of the best parts of this game is using Playstation Move for a really interactive gaming experience. Some other things are similar to the previous games like the ability to carry only two primary weapons, a new melee system (which is absolutely brutal) and awesome jetpack functionality. The multiplayer support is also solid which provides hours of testosterone filled fun for you and your friends.

The storyline carries on from previous installments. Emperor Visari who was the leader of Helghast is dead but that has not ended the war which is still carrying on with in the same intensity as before. The forces of Helghast are delivering a powerful counterattack which has prompted the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) to evacuate the planet Helghan. New battalions of Helghast are appearing and they are fully armed. The ISA is not prepared to face this kind of attack, they are outmanned, outgunned and surrounded. You need to learn and apply new tactics quickly into the game to survive the attack.

Killzone 3 offers many improvements over its predecessor. The single player mode is bigger- level maps are ten times bigger in fact, it has a gripping storyline and even more action. You have to battle on huge, diverse environments from alien jungles to harsh arctic vistas. Each of these maps have unbelievable graphics and are very detailed. You have to play the game to experience it, and who wouldn't want to experience a shooter game with jet packs? Buy Killzone 3 today to see what it's made of.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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