Madden NFL 11 for Playstation 3

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Do you like football gaming? If you’ve never played Madden NFL, or you have enjoyed other versions, then you’ll be glad to see the 2011 version of this game hit the Playstation 3. This is the 22nd version of the classic EA sports football game. It features athlete like Drew Brees who is Super Bowl XLIV MVP and quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. This game incorporates a blend of simpler, quicker and more enhanced features that streamline the gameplay without sacrificing the classic features that you have come to love from previous versions.

Madden NFL11 is one of the most graphically enhanced sports games available on the Playstation 3. The GameFlow system allows you to customise your own game down to offense and defence. It is very immersive as it puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback and you have to play and win the game. The previous 60 minutes game time has been reduced to 30, which means quicker gameplay. You also get to spend more time on the field and less in the playbook. The game has received lots of improvements in terms of animation, controls, online functionality and there are new broadcast and audio presentation that delivers the real NFL experience fans have come to expect. One of the most exciting things about this game is that you get to execute authentic NFL game plans, add your own level of strategy, which adds a lot more challenge to the game.
You play this game with the all-new Dual Stick Control which reduces the button dependency for the ball carrier and lets you play the game by moving the stick from left to right. Run through holes, break tackles and explode in the open field with a more fluid, intuitive, and responsive running system. A must-have for all football fans, buy Madden NFL11 at a rock bottom price here today.

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Madden NFL 11 for Playstation 3 Reviews (1)

  1. February 20, 2012 by Julian


    I am crazy about sports games, especially football so I was always going to like this. The graphics are great and the game goes really in-depth into players and team dynamics. It’s a pity that cheating is so easy because playing on Xbox Live is usually the best part but now it’s terrible.

    Pros: Great graphics
    Cons: Cheaters make online gaming not as fun

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