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The story of Commander Shepard is drawing to a close and everyone is wondering if Mass Effect 3 will live up to the hype and make the Mass Effect series one of the best role playing series available for the Playstation 3. For anyone who has played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, this installment is shaped by the decisions that you made when completing the previous games. You battle as Commander Shepard across the galaxy in many locations including the salarian homeworld Sur'Kesh, the asari homeworld Thessia, the turian homeworld Palaven and the quarian homeworld Rannoch.

Your mission is to unite the ultimate force to take back the Earth. Just like in previous games, your choices and actions throughout gameplay influence the outcome of the game which can end in many different ways. There have been a lot of improvements to combat this time around which makes for much more enjoyable gameplay. Some of the best changes include the cover system which has been greatly enhanced and there are more options for moving around the battlefield. More conventional grenades and instant melee kills are a great new feature, but best of all, a four player multiplayer co-op mode has also been added. The artificial intelligence is much better also.

Character customization has always been the defining feature of this series, but this game allows you to tailor your weapons also. There are tones of upgrades for weapons including scopes, grips, barrels and other unique attachments that allow you to take on your enemy with your own unique style. Every weapon has its own impact and visual flair but you can customize your squad to battle your enemy the way you like best too. With great changes to gameplay and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is a great send off to Mass Effect. After completing this game, I felt that Mass Effect 3 was really successful in making this series one to remember. This is one of the best science fiction gaming series available on games consoles and arguably the best you'll play on the Playstation 3. Pick up a cheap copy of Mass Effect 3 for PS3 here today and judge it for yourself.

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Last updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

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