Twisted Metal for Playstation 3

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Whether you loved the franchise that came before, or are new to the whole experience, Twisted Metal is most definitely the game for you if you like car combat destruction and co-op gaming mayhem. This game returns with the same over the top destroy-or-be-destroyed spirit that the previous games were loved for. More importantly, it also has brand new features and graphics that prove that this title deserved a comeback.

This time around the single player campaign story mode has a plot that focuses on contestants trying to get their wishes granted by winning Calypso's Twisted Metal tournament. The game takes you through three segments, where you play as three characters. The characters are made up from the most memorable characters from the previous Twisted Metal games. One of these is Sweet Tooth, a demented, clown-themed serial killer that has become obsessed with killing "the one that got away" and finishing the job he started years earlier.

The game also has multiplayer modes which support co-op and 4-player action locally, as well as 16-player support online. The multiplayer mode is very fast, competitive and fun as you get to enter a kind of battle royale where you demolish the whole world of the game. You get to choose from 17 vehicles and each of them have their own arsenal of weapons including rat rockets, shockwave attacks and blood missiles. The also have different balances of speed, handling, and durability. The battlegrounds have lots of variety with ramps, shortcuts, blind corners, and destructible landmarks. Grab your copy of Twisted Metal, exclusively available  for Playstation 3 here today at a rock bottom price.

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Last updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

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