Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Gun Bundle for Nintendo Wii

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Do you like shooter games games? If you have any interest in trying something different with hunting games, check out Big Game Hunter. This is a hunting game that allows you to hunt from the comfort of your couch for fun. Big Game Hunter is first person oriented action with loads of action integrated into the storyline and the mission mode of the game. The challenges in this game let you hone your skills as hunter, tracker and outdoorsman. You also get a series of hunting challenges and mini games where you use different kinds of weapons and your intelligence to take on different prey.

The storyline of this game is very interesting. You play the character of Jack Wilde who is young, confident, a skilled hunter and an outdoorsman. Your talent has been recognized by Onion Order, which is a mysterious and very exclusive hunting club with international connections. To gain membership to this organization, you must prove yourself thorough a series of membership trials against big and small game, in various environmental conditions and using various different weapons; you also have to depend on your skills and the techniques that you have learned.

The whole game is played on a first person perspective. You are guided throughout the game by the in-game sponsor who contacts you regularly, points you in the right direction, gives you tips and warns you of danger. On every hunt you are awarded points based on your performance, animal tracking, ability to stalk from cover, making clean, efficient kills etc. There are some terrain challenges like climbing cliffs to get close to the game, escaping avalanches and crossing raging streams to get an advantage over the game. This is a great game with awesome visuals that is a must-have for any hunting fan. This Cabela’s Big Game Hunter bundle comes with a great Nintendo approved gun to use with the Nintendo Wii game. Buy your bundle today.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Gun Bundle for Nintendo Wii Reviews (1)

  1. January 21, 2012 by Jeff


    There’s only one or two games like this in the arcade, and I can’t believe it’s taken this long for a proper hunting game to come out on a console. Hunting has always been a hobby of mine, and being able to play your hobby indoors when it’s rain and mud outside it an utter joy. Unlike the arcade type games you get, with their guns chained up, you get to creep around your own living room and behind your own couch with this bad boy. There’s nothing more fun than stalking your prey from home. I even enjoy the storyline mode! Such a great game.

    Pros: Storyline brings a whole extra element to it. First of it’s kind really. Great fun.
    Cons: gun not realistic enough

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