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Did you love Wii Fit? Well now you can have even more fun and exercise with Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit Plus has a bunch of new features to help you keep enjoy your workout. You can now set a customized workout routine that suits you and your daily goals. You can choose to focus on what you need to give the most attention to or you can combine physical exercises in any order you like to give more variety to your workout. There are a variety of new Yoga and strength exercises that are sure to keep you busy. However, the Wii Fit Plus can be much more than a solo fitness experience.  As long as you have a relatively cheap nintendo Wii Console, the whole family can have hours of fun with a whopping 15 new balance games.

The new addition of 'Island cycling' allows you to step right and left on the balance board to simulate pedaling and use the Wii remote to steer. 'Driving range' offers a great golfing experience as it uses the balance board to analyze your swing and weight distribution to establish your true golfing ability. Whether it's juggling, log leaping, snowball fighting or skateboarding, you're going to share plenty of amusement with this fantastic game.

Use the balance board you got with the Wii Fit or buy the Wii Fit Plus bundle with the balance board, either way be sure to buy yours today and let the fun begin.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wii Fit Plus Reviews (2)

  1. October 8, 2010 by wanda


    Nintendo Wii bought a new way of gaming, a gaming in which you don’t sit in your couch, you are on your feet and you have to move your body to play the game. Nintendo Wii fit Plus might be every gamer’s dream who want to stay fit and play games at the same time. Nintendo Wii fit plus has various types of games which if you do regularly will keep you healthy and fit.

    Pros: good games, nice graphics, soundtrack
    Cons: games can be repetitive, same as wii fit, not many additional features.

  2. October 8, 2010 by Hal


    Nintendo Wii fit plus is an addition to Nintendo Wii fit; it just has few additional games. Some of the good games are Cycling, Rhythm Kung Fu, snowball fight etc. In cycling you have to walk on the balance board, I would have preferred actual cycle model for this game. You have to you the wii mote to steer and collect the flags. Snowball fight tests your reaction timings and your throwing skills and in Rhythm Kung Fu you have to perform Kung Fu.

    Pros: cycling, balancing pad, controls.
    Cons: repetitive games, two or three additional games.

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