Just Dance 2 for Nintendo WII

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Are you someone who can't tear themselves away from the dance machine at the arcade? What about being able to dance along to your favorite songs at home? If you like the sound of that then you're not the only one. Just Dance is one of the most popular Wii games to hit the market. With fantastic songs and a great interface, it is a very fun game that is great exercise too. Lovers of the game were anxiously awaiting Just Dance 2 and now it is here. With all new songs and great new features, this game was worth the wait.

Just Dance 2 features more accurate movement recognition so all that practice with the original game will pay off. Duet mode allows players to dance together and work in harmony for the best results. You will love dancing a routine with your partner and implementing the choreography will show you that you have more rhythm than you ever thought before. Up to 8 people can enjoy dancing away to this game which makes it the perfect party game to keep everyone entertained. Party mode allows for a freestyle type game where you can dance for as long as you want.

Want an real workout? If you think that exercise games like Wii Fit Plus for the Wii are boring and prefer to dance then this game will make you work out properly. Play in 'Just sweat' mode for a real fitness challenge which will set targets for you to achieve. Extremely fun and healthy, Just Dance 2 is much cheaper than a gym membership so snap it up today.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

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