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Who doesn’t like a good game of Pictionary? This game is made even more fun by the new uDraw Game Tablet. You don’t have to worry about pens and paper, just gather your family and friends around your Wii and get drawing on the uDraw tablet. Pictionary on the uDraw Game Tablet offers an exciting new way to combine board games with your games console. It offers more than 3,000 clues and with its new multiplayer capabilities, up to four teams can play at a time. This makes uDraw Pictionary one of the best party games suitable for any age.

You don’t need special artistic abilities to play this game; you just need a little bit of imagination. Playing Pictionary on this uDraw Game tablet brings a whole new meaning to “quick sketches and crazy guesses!” With uDraw Pictionary for Nintendo Wii you get to choose clues from Adult clues like Object, Action and Difficult or Junior Clues like “At the Zoo” and “Animal Houses.” uDraw Game Tablet brings you three different game modes for Pictionary – you get a virtual 3D board game with various drawing tools, colors and brushes which are the tools that you need to achieve sketching victory. Pictionary mania is another feature that has seven new draw modes and a custom game board. Some of the new game modes are - Get It Straight, Shape It Up, Rotation Frustration, One Line, Ink Limit, No Peeking and Off Hand.

There is a free draw mode, which lets you utilize the drawing tools to create colorful masterpieces or to practice for your next victory. This digital version of Pictionary on uDraw Game table is much more fun and easier to use than the physical version where you have to set it up, clean up afterward and have enough stationery for everyone. With this game you no longer have to sit hunched up over the table, you can relax on the sofas with the fireplace going and play on the television with your whole family. Buy Wii uDraw Pictionary at a great price today and make family time that much more fun.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

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