Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

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Need a new game for your Xbox? If you like first person shooter games then you will love Battlefield 3. This game is made for you to enjoy advanced destruction with mission based gameplay that brings you to a variety of locations around the globe including Paris and New York. Battlefield 3 launches the Frostbite 2 game engine which is new technology that takes animation and scale to new levels. This powerful game engine will show you what your xbox is made of, not just in terms of graphics but lighting and audio too. The game uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) audio that has been improved upon from the last game to give a really vivid soundscape. Frostbite 2 gives this game a cinematic quality because the visuals are so much more life-like than on other video games. The character animations look so real that when bullets and explosions collide with the walls around you, the game feels more like a movie than other shooter games. The Animation was designed with ANT technology, which is the same technology used in the latest FIFA game.

If you're playing single player, you play as the elite U.S. Marines completing missions around the globe. If you're a fan of Call of Duty, you'll like this game more than previous versions of Battlefield because the controls are a little different this time around. However, playing as a team is the best part of this game so you'll probably get the most enjoyment out of the multiplayer mode. As an Xbox owner, multiplayer mode is probably the most important aspect of the game for you and Battlefield definitely delivers in this department. It is an extremely intense and fun to play this game with friends. Even if you are not a particularly skilled player at the beginning, your actions will still contribute to your team. The more you practice though, the better you get and the more rewarding that multiplayer mode is.

This copy of Battlefield 3 is limited edition so you get some great perks included. Although the standard edition of the game comes with all 10 massive co-op maps, the limited edition has a Back to Karkand post-launch digital expansion pack at no extra cost. You also get a Physical Warfare Pack that has three exclusive weapons- a machine gun, a sniper rifle and a shotgun. There's a SPECACT kit included too that expands player's customizable skins and finally, a dog tag pack is included also with five new unique dog tags. As these games are limited edition, they are first come, first served so grab one today to avoid disappointment.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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