Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360

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Do you love to dance? Want to keep fit and have fun at the same time? Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 is one of the most popular games for Xbox Kinect. The first game was extremely popular not to mention the most addictive dancing game to date and now the sequel has even more features and an even better soundtrack. There is more than 40 classic hits to choose from that will liven up any party (or night in by yourself, nobody is judging here!) There is also a new music store that allows access to an expanding list of music and you can import tracks that you loved in the original Dance Central game.

The best part about Dance Central 2 is the new multiplayer features. You have the option of teaming up with your friends to dance together and people can tag in and out at any point when they need a rest. The Kinect is extremely responsive this time around so there's no way you can cheat through this game and with detailed feedback for each player, your dancing will improve more than ever. There are lots of new faces in the Crews with all new outfits and venues so this keeps the game really fresh.

If you're not that great a dancer, but you'd like to learn then Break it Down Mode is perfect for you. You can learn dace moves at a pace that suits you and the song won't stop, you won't be booed off, you can just learn new moves and choreography while having a good time. If you want to exercise, there are different playlists that you can choose and you can do a 20-minute low-impact workout or a 50-minute more difficult session. Forget those boring workout videos, Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 is the funnest way you can have a workout without even realizing. Pick up this awesome game at a steal here today.

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  1. February 17, 2012 by Rose


    I’m not much of a dancer but when the first game came out, I was constantly dancing my ass off and didn’t care how bad I was. It was just fun. Needless to say, I ordered Dance Central 2 as soon as I saw it was released and I couldn’t be happier with it. It wasn’t until this game that I realized how unresponsive Dance Central 1 was, simply because this game recognizes your movement so much better. But the best thing about this game is that two people can play it at the same time. It used to be the case of having to wait and take turns with whoever you were playing with but now you can play together. There are brand new songs to dance to and way more dance moves to learn. This game is a blast!!

    My main gripe is that you have to pay to import songs from Dance Central 1. This is terrible and seems to be a bit money grabbing to me if you have already bought the game.

    Pros: Two player!!!
    Cons: Definitely paying to import Dance Central 1 songs Grrrrrrrr

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