Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360, 2009)

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Tired of completing games too soon and want your moneys worth when it comes to game time?  This might be the answer for you. Coming from Bioware, Dragon Age: Origins is another richly detailed epic role-playing game of dark fantasy, violence, lust, and betrayal. The basic plot (there are several plots to choose from) of Dragon Age places you as the Grey Warden, the last of an ancient order of guardians who have defended the lands throughout the centuries. You’ve been betrayed and abandoned by a trusted general in battle and now you must hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice against all the odds. The game sets itself out to be a good old-fashioned role-playing game. However, in Dragon Age Origins there are six different character origins, and there are a different number of endings. This is because whilst the origins depend on race and class, the endings depend on the choices you make during the game and that's part of the beauty of this game; it isn't always obvious what the outcome of your conversations/actions will be and therefore you must carefully consider how you develop all your relationships.

Graphically Dragon Age: Origins for Xbox is a solid performer though there is frame drop here and there in the odd situation but you only notice if your analyzing the game thoroughly. Otherwise you’d be too busy with all the action to let it even effect you. The game-play is very enthralling and detailed as there is a lot to learn and every character is different. It is definitely not the type of game you will master in five hours. This game honestly demands hours of play to understand and the multiple ways to win in battle.

Dragon Age: Origins is highly recommended to those who are looking for an immersive role playing game with great replay value. For those of you who enjoy a good role playing game and haven’t got Dragon Age: Origins then what are you waiting for?

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Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360, 2009) Reviews (3)

  1. September 7, 2010 by Betty


    Dragon Age origins is an awesome game. It has a very engaging story and great characters. Dragon age origins is a single player immersive role playing game. The developers of the game have obviously put a lot of effort in designing the levels of this game, it its very addictive, you just go on playing one level after another. The story depends on how you play your character. The story changes and unfolds based on your decisions and choices.

    Pros: nice characters, good graphics, nice sound track.
    Cons: game is for adults, contains unsuitable material, no ingame help available.

  2. September 7, 2010 by Danny


    Dragon Age origin’s gameplay and story are very good but the graphics are not top quality. This game seems to have used the graphics which were common in 2009. The textures and environmental visuals are good but not something you would expect in a 2010 game. The gameplay and graphics more than makes up for the lack of graphics in this game. The animations that you see in the dialogue sequence are very pretty. Each character feels different and distinct.

    Pros: good gameplay, nice story background, animation sequence.
    Cons: graphics are not top quality, no in-game help.

  3. September 7, 2010 by Raven


    The gameplay of Dragon Age origins is simple and straightforward. You have to control four characters in the game. Each character had special abilities and powers, you have to train and improve their abilities and powers. You have to switch between characters when fighting to use the character which is most offensive against the enemy. Switching between characters is fairly simple. You have to plan ahead and do tactical planning to win in this game. Some areas are very tough and test your skills. Only through prior planning and ambush you can win these areas.

    Pros: great graphics, nice animation sequence, good gameplay
    Cons: no in-game help, low graphics, takes time to load,

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