Halo Reach Limited Edition for Xbox 360

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Halo Reach is the prequel to one of the most popular game series ever. Halo Reach Limited Edition is developed exclusively for Xbox 360 and the graphics in this game are some of the most impressive that I have ever seen on the console. Halo Reach sends off this epic series with a bang. This final addition to the Halo series for Microsoft is a prequel to the first Halo game that started it all off in 2001. You begin the game with a group of Spartans who courageously fight and sacrifice their life even in the toughest conditions and against impossible odds. The storyline is that planet Reach is human’s last line of defense against the Covenant whose ultimate goal is destruction of Earth. If you fail, Earth will be destroyed.

You play as one of the members of Noble Team where each one of the Spartan soldiers has a deadly talent that is as unique as their individual personalities and customized gear. This game introduces new weapons, vehicles and abilities that complement the familiar “Halo” weapons and tactics. You use these weapons to fight large scale battles, the scale of which never been fought in “Halo” universe before. The artificial intelligence has gotten even more cunning which adds depth and complexity to every fight and helps in making the gameplay unique and challenging every time you enter a fight. This holds true even if you are playing alone or connected with three friends online.

Multiplayer in “Halo” has always been the best. In Halo Reach, it gets even better. It offers so many things that are so good, they just might redefine online gaming. The social settings have also got an upgrade, now you can find like-minded people and play with them online. The graphics have been greatly improved too – the special effects are Hollywood style. Firefight mode looks awesome and you can customize levels also. Don’t forget to checkout “Halo” community on Xbox Live which is really active. Halo is one of the best games available for the Xbox 360. With this limited edition copy, you get recovered ONI "black box" packaging, an exclusive Elite armor set for use in multiplayer modes and as a real treat for Halo fans, you also get an artifact bag with Dr. Halsey's personal journal and other classified documents and effects that unravel long-held secrets from the Halo universe. Don’t miss picking up Halo Reach Limited Edition at a great sale price here while stocks last.

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Last updated: Thursday, December 12, 2019

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