Kinect Sports Season Two for Xbox 360

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Are you looking for a family friendly game that has something to appeal to everyone for the Xbox Kinect? Look no further than Kinect Sports Season Two. Kinect Sports has gotten a very exciting upgrade that offers a whole new type of gameplay with advanced features like voice commands and enhanced motion tracking. There are new and unique ways to play this game that will suit a range of difficulty levels.

There are six brand new games to choose from that can be played in multi-player or individually. Choose from golf, darts, American football, skiing, tennis and baseball, all of which are so fun to play that you'll have trouble choosing what to tackle first. You can work on improving at every game and your progress will be remembered but if you have friends over, you don't have to go through a complicated set up process, you can simply enter a Quick Play session. You can also send your friends challenges over Xbox LIVE which adds a new level if interactivity to the game.

You can feel like a real sports star with a fan base that grows as your game improves. The better you get, the bigger your legions of fans grows. There are lots of fun challenges and achievements to unlock as you play Kinect Sports Season Two. You can even download photos and videos captured while you were playing your A game, and share these achievements with family and friends right on your Facebook. For an extremely fun game that will get the whole family off the couch and having fun, pick up a copy of Kinect Sports Season Two for your Xbox 360 at a great price here.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 14, 2019

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