Kinectimals for Xbox Kinect

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Looking for a great game for Kinect? After the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft has been releasing some really nice games for the platform. Kids are in love with the interactive gameplay and parents are delighted by the fact that all that jumping around is tiring them out. Kinectimals is a very cute game that fits right into this interactive category. Kinectimals is a pet simulator and mini games collection aimed at kids (and anyone who likes cute animals really). Cuteness is the best way to describe this game. Who wouldn’t love to see an adorable wild eyed wildcat cub that walks around with you and does sweet stuff? This game uses the cutesy charm to keep you consistently engaged with lots of fun games to unlock. Kinectimals allows you to have a pet, travel around a great environment with them and discover all sorts of games and puzzles. The charm of the game starts the moment you boot up the game and select a cub as your pet. You get to choose your pet from a selection of cute and cuddly young big cats by petting and scratching one that you like. With Kinect you have to mimic the petting and scratching motion to select the pet you like. You name your pet you speaking it loudly. The pets look very realistic. Their faces are very expressive and they purr loudly when they are close to you, their backs rise when you brush them or give them a sponge bath. Even though the expressions and the movements of the pets are a little exaggerated, they never feel like a cartoon. The environment in which you play with your pet is also nicely shown. The sun shines, the blades of grass are thick and green, and trees are draped with pink cherries. Rabbits hop in the background. Your pet gets dirty while playing in the mud and snow, after you bath and brush him, he shakes away remaining water, and it’s all very sweet. This is a great game for someone who wants a virtual pet. We’ve got Kinectimals for Xbox Kinect here at a discount price, but you will need a Kinect to play it.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

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