Madden NFL 12 for Xbox 360

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Everyone's favorite football game is back, this time making the NFL more realistic on your screen than ever before. Madden NFL 12 for Xbox 360 features all 32 teams, stadiums and all of your favorite NFL players. This time around, you will feel more even more immersed in the NFL than when you played the popular Madden NFL 11. There are a lot more improvements this time around, not only in terms of graphics but with a host of new features also.

The number one most requested feature has been delivered- custom playbooks. With NFL 12, you can modify existing playbooks or create your own from scratch by choosing from up to 400 offensive or defensive plays. If you have always thought you could make a better game plan than the ones included in the game, now is your chance to prove it. There is also over 100 new features for cuilding franchises that include expanded rosters, cut days in preseason, an all-new rookie scouting system and a free-agent bidding system, player roles.

There is an all-new collision system also that allows you much more control over players from tackling to blocking. During the game, you can now control players right up to the point of impact. This makes the game more challenging but more enjoyable too because there are 100 new tackle animations that keeps this game very fresh. The Advanced Defensive AI has received an overhaul too with over 100 defensive A.I. enhancements. To see what this new game is made of, pick up a cheap copy of Madden NFL 12 for Xbox 360 at a great price here today.

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Last updated: Friday, April 10, 2020

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