Alienware M11x Notebook

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Looking for a gaming notebook that’s not horribly bulky? The Alienware M11x by Dell is a really attractive piece of kit. It is one of the most powerful high performance personal computers currently available on the market. Great performance doesn’t always have to come with a cumbersome exterior and the Alienware M11x proves this to be true. Dell’s goal with this Alienware M11x is to be creative, work hard and play fast.

The Alienware M11X measures under 12 inches and it weighs less than 4.5 lbs which is quite light for a high end, high performance personal computer. The Alienware M11X also has an awesome battery life which will keep you up, powered and running for more than 8 hours, even in integrated graphics mode. You can experience high definition graphics in games and movies thanks to NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M graphics card. This notebook has a BinaryGFX technology that allows users to switch between discrete graphics and integrated graphics depending on what you are doing.

The performance of Alienware M11X is fast and efficient because of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It also has a 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 800MHz memory which makes multitasking fast and efficient. This is even better than the performance you'd get on a PC like the Dell XPS One 24. Ideal for gamers, the Alienware M11X has built-in front speakers with internal high definition surround sound audio. This makes watching movies really enjoyable too. There is also a built-in 1.3 MP camera that lets you video chat with your friends and family in high definition. The integrated microphone means you don’t have to use extra headphones for video chatting.

Alienware M11X comes with a large 640GB hard drive with 7200 RPM speed which lets you store all your videos, photos, music and documents. Viewing and transferring your media from your camera, mobile phone and other multimedia devices is simple because of the notebook has an integrated card reader. The Alienware M11X is an ultraportable notebook that lets you play the most modern PC games on the go. Grab this unbelievable machine at a great price here.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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