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The Toshiba Satellite range has received outstanding reviews because of their portability and reliability. For people looking for a sturdy portable notebook for a reasonable price, Toshiba is likely to be top of their list. The battery life on the Satellite models is very satisfactory as well as great sound with no distortion and lots of detail.

A great multimedia laptop, you’ll find a DVD Multi-drive that can create just about any type of recordable DVD, including dual layer discs and DVD RAM discs. There are handy Multimedia quick launch buttons and a small, thin media remote control to control media wherever you are in the room. A wireless on/off switch is included with a modem connector too which is useful for when broadband isn’t available.

The Toshiba Satellite satisfies all the needs of current mainstream technology in an attractive and affordable package.

The Satellite is well built as the existing hard drive is built into a sturdy rubber frame for shock resistance and gaining access to upgrade the memory or hard drive is made easy and the upgrades for the Toshiba Satellite are readily available and affordable. A firewire connection comes included also and the gaming engine is pretty good too with these models.

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Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

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