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Cheapest Blackberry Curve 8300 in Ireland
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This latest BlackBerry might look a bit familiar. In fact it is very similar to the 8800. There are a couple of obvious differences- the Curve is smaller than the 8800, has smaller more separated keys and is silver rather than black. The Curve’s impressive keyboard is very easy to use and readable regardless of the keyboard backlight status or the light levels in the room.

The display itself is extremely clear even in direct sunlight because of its auto-brightness mode. The basic mobile email element remains intact of course but this time around it benefits from a spellchecker. Other added bonuses include the blackberry maps application with Bluetooth built in so it’s possible to do turn by turn navigation and also an added 2 megapixel camera. You can set photos taken as your home image so that nagging from your significant other can finally end!

Have a look at the cheapest prices for this little temptation below.

OS is provided on the Curve 8300 as well as wireless connectivity and blackberry handheld software. One of the favourite on today’s market, the Curve is an attractive device for consumers and mobile professionals alike.

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Last updated: Monday, February 17, 2020

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