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The Samsung Instinct (originally released by by Sprint) is marketed as a rival to the iPhone but they differ in many ways when it comes to features. The instinct is very easy on the eye. It has a large touch-screen which measures 4.57 inches by 2.17 inches. It is comfortable to hold, fits nicely in your hand and is very portable.

There is an SD card slot which is useful for a multimedia phone to expand its memory. There is a dedicated camera button for the 2 megapixel camera and a volume control button on the side of the phone. The instinct also features turn by turn GPS navigation which is great for traveling. You can access your e-mail in no time at all as this phone has integrated support for Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail. The Instinct is very customizable. The features that you personally use the most can be the easiest to access. Overall, it’s a good looking touch phone with some similarities to the iPhone, but a much lower price tag.

You wont find a cheaper Samsung Instinct touchscreen anywhere else. That is a fact. Buy yours now!

It's certainly come a long way since the E900. From email, your favorite webpage to texting a particular person- you can certainly make this phone your own. Texting is great on the Instinct because the keyboard flips over to landscape view and you can type quickly and easily. If you prefer typing with one hand, there’s a portrait view also.

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Price Range: $80 - $120

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  1. May 6, 2010 by kelly

    the samsung instinct is awesome you get to do thing that you didnt know …. you have fast internet , alot of apps and anymore thing you should get the samsung instinct it great you maybe have promble when you trying to go on something you got to click it twin something more that ok all you got to do is just know what you are doing the samsung instinct ROCKS!!!!

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