Unlocked Dell Streak 5 Tablet and Phone

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The Apple iPad might be a revolutionary device, but practically speaking it’s not the kind of device you can comfortably take everywhere with you. The 9.7-inch screen for one is gigantic, and you can’t use it as a phone either. If you need and want the ideal internet tablet that’s big enough to surf the web comfortably but small enough to bring everywhere with you and use as a phone, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Dell Streak, the Andorid powered tablet.

The 5-inch multi-touch display on the Dell Streak is perfect for reading webpages without having to zoom and pinch in and out. It’s great for your work documents too, PDFs look great, as do eBooks. The screen is bright enough to be readable even in sunlight, put the Kindle app on this tablet and you’ve got yourself the perfect eBook reader. The flexible operating system, phone, WiFI, Bluetooth, GPS, forward and back facing cameras make this a truly useful internet tablet, and the built-in speakers pack a fantastic sound.

The Dell Streak is portable enough to take with you everywhere, for watching movies to accessing the web everywhere via the 3G connectivity. With its long lasting battery it won’t leave you in the lurch. With a replaceable battery and micro SD card you have the ability to upgrade it at a later date, two features greatly missed from the iPhone 4.

Pick up your Dell Streak today and you’ll have in your hands the ultimate internet tablet and portable communications device.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Unlocked Dell Streak 5 Tablet and Phone Reviews (3)

  1. December 21, 2010 by Matthew


    This device also has the extra features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, dual camera – one forward facing and the other one backward facing. The forward facing camera is for video chats. The built-in speakers also sound great and can be good for watching movies or videos. It also has 3G connectivity so that you can be connected to the Internet even in areas where there is no WiFi. The battery life is also quite good and will last you a full day without a problem.

    Pros: Android OS, nice screen, apps
    Cons: small size for a tablet, comparabilities, camera

  2. February 23, 2011 by Danny


    Dell Streak is a weird little device; it is not really a phone but cannot be considered as a tablet device. Because of the 5 inch screen it would be more of a tablet device than a phone but it has some of the phone features too. It is powered by Android and is integrated with all the Google services. I would recommend this device for watching movies and videos and reading eBooks.

    Pros: screen, android os, encoders
    Cons: weird size, battery life, price.

  3. February 23, 2011 by Martin


    Dell Streak is bigger than a mobile device and it is smaller than a full blown tablet device. It is a unique device because of its size. It comes with Android OS installed and with it all the Google Services. Using Google services on a bigger screen is certainly more fun. The battery life is little off putting. So if you are going to watch movies or listen to music in it all day, stay close to a power outlet.

    Pros: screen size, Google services, apps
    Cons: battery life, price, weird size.

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