HP Veer 4G

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Do you want a smartphone but are put off by the bulky size of most smartphones on the market? The latest phone by HP called Veer 4G is a small and rather cute phone. It measures 3.31 inches tall by 2.15 inches wide by 0.59 inches think and weighs just 3.63 ounces. If you keep HP Veer and a deck of cards side by side you will notice that there is not much of difference between them. The Veer is so small that it is very comfortable to hold and easy to carry in most pockets.

The screen is of HP Veer 4G is 2.6 inches with 320x400 pixel resolution, it is small yet clear and you don’t have any problem in reading the text viewing videos on the screen. Thankfully screen gestures like pinch to zoom (like on the iPad) etc. work flawlessly and you can use these gestures to interact accurately with websites. Although it is a touchscreen, typing on a screen of this size would make life a little difficult so HP has included a slide-out QWERTY keyboard on the Veer – simply push the screen up to access the keyboard. The sliding mechanism is smooth and sturdy.

The keyboard is similar to some of the recent Palm models like the Palm Pre as it has rectangular gel-like keys. Once you get the hang of it, you can type quite fast on the keypad. There is a magnetic charger that comes with this phone that acts the same way as the cool magnetic chargers on the MacBook range. If you trip over the cord, the charger will pop out so that it does not take the phone to the floor with it. If you’re looking for an compact smartphone with a slide-out keyboard, you’d be hard pressed to find on as affordable as the HP Veer 4G. Get an Unlocked HP Veer 4G at a great price here today while stocks last.

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Last updated: Sunday, January 19, 2020

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