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If you think that a lot of the HTC smartphones are on the large size then you'd be right. The latest phones we've been seeing from HTC (like the Desire HD and the Sensation 4G) have been adamant about delivering a very large screen and while we like large screens on smartphones, there has been a gap for something a little more pocket sized. That is, until now. The HTC Aria still has a nice 480 x 320 touch-screen but it's smaller than others of late at 3.2 inches. The design of this handset is still as attractive as we've come to expect from a HTC smartphone yet this phone will be a lot better to carry around in your pocket or small handbag. The HTC Aria doesn't hold back on the features though. It has a 600-MHz processor than runs Android 2.1 very smoothly.

The layout of this handset is very ergonomic. Although the touchscreen takes up most of the device, the bottom is laid out with a touch sensitive home, menu, return and search button as well as an optical trackpad underneath to help you navigate the phone very quickly. You'll love this because the Aria is a great multitasker. You can move seamlessly between email, web browsing to multimedia without any lag from the phone. You can easily set up all the Google services on this phone like Gmail and Google maps. There is a great calendar built-in on the phone that will keep you well organized too. If you want to keep productive on the go, there is a Quick Office viewer that allows you to look at Microsoft Office documents and you can view PDF files also.

There is a 5-megapixel camera onboard the Aria that takes great photographs as well as video. It uses face detection and anti-shake technology to deliver blurry-free snaps. You can email your photographs right from your phone or upload them to Facebook or Twitter. Other social networking apps like Peep and Friendstream are available on this phone too. If that's not enough to keep you entertained, there is a great music player, a built-in FM radio and a YouTube client on the HTC Aria too. This pocket sized phone will keep you entertained and informed while providing you with a great user experience too. We've got the HTC Aria unlocked here at a discount price so grab one before they're gone.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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