HTC G1 Android Phone (GPhone)

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Over 1.5 million pre-orders have been placed for Google’s G1 Android phone. The phone commonly referred to as the ‘G phone’ was designed by HTC and uses Google’s operating system. Available in black, white and brown, the G1’s screen measures 3.5 inches and the phone itself measures 4.60 inches tall, 2.16 inches wide and 0.6 inches deep. It comes equipped with a bright, sensitive touch-screen and this screen slides up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard underneath. No stylus is needed to use the touch-screen as the device uses capacitive touch responding to your fingertip accurately.

The G1 is Wi-Fi and 3G capable and browsing speeds are above par on the G1. The integrated GPS works with Google maps and the accelerometer really makes the maps come alive predicting where the device is pointing and producing accurate results. If you need your phone to be great at multitasking, then that is what the G1 does best.

The Android operating system developed by Google handled multiple applications (Unlike the iPhone!) superbly- you can have several applications open simultaneously and the G1 will automatically assign the most RAM to the programmes that need it most. All your browsing, instant messaging and multimedia applications will find that very useful indeed.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

HTC G1 Android Phone (GPhone) Reviews (1)

  1. June 5, 2010 by joe

    good phone only one huge problem….. the battery life sucks. i have to charge this thing 3 times a day otherwise it will die out

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