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Searching for the fasted smartphone on the market? Tired of waiting around for your iPhone 3GS camera app to start up? The Nexus One, with its lightning-fast processor and featuring the amazing Android operating system, that was developed by Google, is a welcome entry into the smartphone market. While Android has appeared on smartphones before, such as the HTC Magic and HTC Dream, the Nexus One is being heralded as the first official Google Phone, featuring full Google application integration and support.

The Nexus One features all those things you wish the iPhone had – a removable battery, a 5 megapixel camera, an amazing screen, voice commands, removable and upgradable storage and the ability to have numerous applications running at the same time. Once you get your hands on one of these you’ll soon forget about all those frustrating Apple design omissions. And the snapdragon processor in this phone... WOW. Faster than a lot of desktop and laptop processors!

This touchscreen phone is a dream to type texts and emails on, and with its stunning 3.7-inch display with 480x800 resolution it’s even better for watching videos and playing games on. The addition of the trackball beneath the touchscreen is great for quickly navigating the menu and surfing the net.

Overall the Nexus One is an exceptional smartphone, solidly built and incredibly fast, working seamlessly with Google applications it’s the perfect accompaniment for anyone that uses Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Documents, the list is endless. Take your Google experience with you on-the-go and right into the palm of your hand, buy a Nexus One today and you won’t look back.

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HTC (Google) Nexus One Reviews (2)

  1. October 3, 2011 by Peter


    I don’t think there is a faster smartphone than the HTC Nexus One. Especially for internet and taking photos, it must have something to do with the processer, which is definitely better than the one in iPhone 4. I love the trackball on this phone, it feels great under your thumb and reminds me of playing my Xbox or Playstation, there’s nothing more natural than using a mini joystick like that to play games, surf the net and other stuff on your phone.

    I use Google for everything, email, documents, maps, you name it, im signed up to it, you cant go wrong with google products so it only makes sense that i got a HTC with Android on it and I’m glad I picked this one, it’s a super smart phone.

    Pros: Loved the trackball. A really fast phone.
    Cons: It’s not easy to put songs and movies on this phone, takes some getting used to.

  2. October 23, 2011 by basha shaik


    just awesome features r almost equal to i phone 4 better photo clarity than the samsung and lg optimus.i lov it………

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    Cons: What did you find were the cons of this product?

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