HTC Incredible S

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Looking for a great looking smartphone that won’t break the bank? The HTC Incredible S is an extremely stylish device with an elegant contoured design. At the back there is a topographic design which sets the handset apart and really adds a dash of personality to the phone. The Incredible S measures 4.72 inches tall by 2.52 inches wide by 0.46 inch thick and it weighs just 4.78 ounces.

This device is a little bigger than HTC Droid Incredible but still remains sleek because of the tapered edges. It has a soft touch finish on the back and the sides of the handset. The phone has an impressive 4-inch Super LCD screen which is great for watching movies and YouTube videos. The Super LCD technology offers really nice contrast and has wider viewing angles than other phones on the market. Text and images look sharp and vibrant. I can safely say that the Super LCD display is at par with the Retina display in iPhone 4 and Super AMOLED display of Samsung.

The device has built-in accelerometer for auto UI rotation and proximity sensor which switches off the screen when you bring it close to your face while taking a call. The screen is very sensitive and it responds to the lightest of the touches. Launching applications, scrolling through menus and interacting with apps and gestures like pinch to zoom etc. are easy and fast. Typing is very easy to get used to thanks to the large, responsive touch screen so even if this is your first touch screen phone, you should adjust very quickly to typing on a virtual keyboard. Other navigation on this phone is very easy too. Below the display you will find the main Android shortcuts - home, menu, back, and search.
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HTC Incredible S Reviews (1)

  1. February 19, 2012 by Rachel


    I wanted a phone with a big screen and I got it! The touch screen works well but takes a little while to get used to typing fast if like me this is your first touchscreen phone. I like the camera and the GPS. The Android OS is good, it came with Android 2.2.1 Froyo but I’m going to update it to 2.3.3 Gingerbread because I hear that’s better. I’m happy with this phone and I like the screen size much better than the iPhone for watching videos and playing games.

    Pros: Large screen
    Cons: Wish it came with Gingerbread preloaded

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