HTC Tilt 8925

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Looking for a cool new phone? The HTC Tilt is a PDA-like phone that has with some nice features and a great design. It also has a slide-out keypad which is great if you like to text or e-mail a lot. When you slide out the keypad, the screen tilts to give you a better viewing angle.  The screen tilts up to 40 degrees and gives this phone a mini laptop feel. This particular design is similar to the Nokia N97 and makes it easier to work on documents, emails and watch videos when the phone is placed on a flat surface. This is great for long-haul flights and long bus journeys. To get a lot of typing done, it is better to hold the device and use both your thumbs to type; you can achieve really good speeds using this method once you get used to it.

The keyboard is large and has a lot of room for comfortable typing. These buttons are tactile and have backlight, which makes it easier to type in dark. The screen is of 2.8 inches at 320x240 pixels with 65,536 colors. At this resolution the text and the colors in the images look sharp and crisp. The display is readable even is bright sunlight because of the screen tilting mechanism. You can change the theme, background image, displayed menu items, and backlight timeout of this phone. When you slide the keypad, the screen orientation automatically changes from portrait to landscape. Below the screen are the navigational keys like talk, end, two soft keys, an OK button and shortcuts to Internet Explorer Mobile, the Start menu, your Inbox, and a five-way navigation toggle with a central select key. It runs Windows Mobile 6 Operating System, which brings a host of new feature over the previous version of Windows Mobile. If you’re looking for a really great upgrade at a nice price, buy the Unlocked HTC Tilt here today.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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