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Looking for a stylish phone that you can show off? The LG EnV2 is sure to live up to its name and make all your friends and colleagues super envious. LG have built upon the success of its predecessor and made the EnV2 much more superior. The design is much slimmer and lighter. When closed the EnV2 is very unobtrusive. However, when opened this device exposes a full QWERTY keyboard and a large 2.4 inch screen. The QWERTY keyboard is very well laid out. The keys are back lit and well spread out.

The device also has dedicated number keys (Unlike the LG Rumour), which is a nice touch. There are two speakers either side of the screen so you can blast your music out at home without needing external speakers. You have many options after taking photographs with the 2 mega-pixel camera. You can edit the photograph easily from within the phone before sending it on via e-mail or MMS. The most impressive feature of this phone is its battery life. If you’re tired of constantly charging your current phone then this would be an ideal option for you. It can last several days on a single charge depending on usage. The LG EnV2 is a major step up from the original Envy and will definitely impress QWERTY keypad lovers who don't like touchscreen keybopards like on the LG Dare.

With a price like this, these won't stay in stock long. Order yours today without committing to any contracts.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

LG EnV2 Reviews (1)

  1. September 9, 2010 by Jean


    I love the env2 verizon phone I dropped mine and broke the internal screen I would love to get another one ,however verizon does not carry it now I am not happy with the one I purchased and I do not want the internet after checking the price at different sites was not expecting to pay this much most are out of my price range and most were use .

    Pros: i love the size and the many options
    Cons: It would not stay locked if touch/bumped it would dial numbers

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