Motorola Nextel i880 (Unlocked)

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Are you someone you treats their phone worse than you should? If you do, you know who you are- your phone is prone to getting a few bumps and bruises. There’s no point in paying a fortune for an iPhone or n97 when you might just drop it down the toilet any day now. You need the Motorola i880. This is a ruggedly built phone which will take the knocks without complaint.

This is a well built phone that has all the basics you need for your day to day phone needs. On the front, there are three blue backlit music control buttons. The camera buttons sit between speakers and a color LCD screen. The black keypad keys are cool-blue backlit and the 176 x 220 pixel 262k-color screen gives a good sharp colour. The camera lens with the video light and self-portrait mirror are above the screen. The microSD slot and 2.5mm headphone jack are on the right spine, along with a quick-release button that pops open the top flip. On the top spine next to the stub antenna are the speakerphone button and the music control button.

One of the best features of the i880 is that it is loud and clear in all situtations be it when making calls, using the speakerphone, alert/ringtones and music. Camera wise this phone has no direct camera button on the outside of the phone, which means you have to flip its lid to snap some shots. The shutter lag is just under a second which is standard but not amazing. Plus, the light on the camera is a dedicated video light and there is no auto flash. Image quality wise the camera does a fine job but I feel it works better at the smaller sizes. The i880’s music player is one of its strongest points. It plays non-DRM MP3s, AAC, and AAC+ files. The music player has an external "play" button which displays the track info on the exterior LCD screen.

The Motorola i880 is a resilient phone which works well and has strong multimedia features, buy one to boss around today.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Motorola Nextel i880 (Unlocked) Reviews (3)

  1. December 3, 2010 by Matt


    The small antenna on top of the device is quite unnecessary. The design is cool and comfortable to hold because it hardly weighs anything. The external music controls are most welcome and makes it easy to control the music without opening the flap of the phone. It has 2 Megapixel camera which is just ok to take some random snaps and that too in sufficient light. Don’t rely on this phone to take photos at night.

    Pros: controls, design, call quality
    Cons: camera, video recording, apps

  2. December 3, 2010 by betty


    I love the design of this phone, it is simple and cute. It is easy to handle and carry because it weighs very less. I love listening to music and this phone makes listening to music very simple because it has music controls on the top of the flap so I don’t have to open the flap to listen to music. The music interface is also cool and looks good. But the video playback of this phone is not so good.

    Pros: call quality, music controls, keypad
    Cons: games, apps, camera.

  3. December 3, 2010 by Harry


    This phone is for someone who wants a simple phone with no additional high end features attached. The call quality of this phone is excellent and you will not miss calls even if you are in a noisy area. This phone also has Bluetooth which lets you share photos and songs with your friends phone who have Bluetooth enabled handset. The design of the phone is really cool and the music controls are nice.

    Pros: flap, design, weight
    Cons: apps, camera, games.

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